Just Thinking... and Casting a Vote


Just Thinking ...
I voted! Yes, I left work on Wednesday a little bit early and made my way into the bowels of Gwinnett County to the Central Office for Voter Registration to cast my vote early. There was a line wrapped around the front, waiting inside those barricades that look like cow channels to the big barn. It only took around 20 minutes to get inside. Once inside it was a breeze to get my yellow card and to find an empty voting booth. When I finished my civic duty, I got a hug from the boss of the Poll Workers (our own Dale Spain from New Hope UMC) and a sticker that proclaimed I had voted. 

Who did I vote for? Well, that is my business, but I can tell you what I voted for. I voted for the end of hate and negativity in our country. I voted for our children to have the best education with the best teachers. I voted for all people to find a life of vitality and love. I voted for people to treat each other with respect and appreciation. I voted for the rights of every man, woman, and child. WOW, what a privilege was mine!

You might be wondering if all of that was on the ballot. Well, not in so many words, but in my head and heart these needs were flowing and pouring upon the ballot. You see, this is a duty of every American to vote and to imprint upon the leaders of our country the expectation to serve for all people. By not voting, we are not imprinting and not honoring our civic duty.

I am always careful to keep country and church separated, because my citizenship is not of this land but of one that is not yet. Until that day when I step on the shore of that sacred land, I have been placed by the mystery of life on this shore, and I must do as my heart and mind lead me to do with regards to how we live together. I do this under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and God's Holy Word. No, neither tell me who to vote for, but that I must render to Caesar what is Caesar's and offer my vote to those who will lead the least, the last, and the lost of our nation. Yet, I pray that, in all I do with my voting, I do it for the good of God and for God's Kingdom to come. 

I hope all Americans vote for whom they understand to be the best and vote for what will best serve the nation, led by their faith communities  and by the need of others. 

If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm a romantic, an idealist, and a dreamer. Some would even say a Don Quixote chasing after what will never be. I choose to believe that I am a Child of God doing what God wants for all of God's creation.  I believe that in this time God needs us to step out and vote, for by the mysteries of life we have been placed in this nation for this time and season. So, in the love of God, do your part ,my sisters and brothers; go out and vote and encourage your people to do the same.

I'm rambling, I know. So many thoughts on this topic of civic responsibility. I would be glad to share more if you like.  Just give me a holler...  after you vote!

May God bless America and may God bless every nation under heaven with God's purest and holiest love. Pray for those running for office,  whether  you like them or not, and ask God to intervene in their lives, even now.

Enough thinking,


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