Just Thinking... and Giving Thanks


How did it get to be Thanksgiving again? Well, I ,for one, am excited that it is the season of gratitude which launches us into the season of Advent. 

Lots of people are sharing on social media one thing a day for which they are thankful. I would love to do that, but I barely get my friends a "Happy Birthday" on Facebook, so I have not been able to share my reasons for thankfulness.  I hope you will indulge me the privilege of sharing with you what I'm thankful for this year. 

I'm thankful for ...

- a loving God who is full of mercy and grace for me a not-so-smart sinner.
- a Savior who reminds me that it is not all about me but about all the children of God.
- the Holy Spirit who keeps on working to make my hardened heart soft again.
- a loving and faithful wife who laughs at my jokes and shakes her head at my silliness.
- three wonderful and amazing children all who flown away from the nest but remember to check in now and then.
- the blessings of a BFF who kicks my backside and who keeps me centered.
- friends who walk the journey of life with me.
- the fall colors and the cool breezes of this season.
- those who let Christmas be about Christ and not just the hustle and bustle. 
- a dependable car. 
- health, in spite of the aging body.
- Weight Watchers Giant Ice Cream Sandwiches
- a large computer screen 
- memories of "days gone by" and those who have poured themselves into my life.
- the hope of days to come and the possibility of pouring myself into others.
- preachers who laugh at me, and with me, and in spite of me.
- a warm sweater.
- the laughter of children in the churches that I get to visit.
- a truly amazing DMin cohort and instructors who struggle with me and continue to believe in me.
- technology that works when it works!
- people with a heart for the underdog or the marginalized and cast aside.
- Chick-fil-a and Panera Bread Company, the mainstay of our meals
- my in-laws and my nieces and nephews.
- Candler School of Theology for believing in me 
- each appointment I have served and each DS I have served under (I am really thankful for them these days!!)
- the smell of fresh cut grass and roses blooming.
- that I can walk 2.5 miles without dying!
- for different worship styles that touch my heart and bring me to my knees.

There is so much and so many blessings. I hope you will take the time this week to rest, to reflect, and to give thanks with your prayers and with your witness to others. 

Oh, I am so very thankful to each of you for allowing me to serve with you and to trust my leadership. I am a truly blessed man!

Happy Thanksgiving !!!


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