Just Thinking... Crying over Spilt Milk?


Just Thinking ...
There is an old saying, "Don't cry over spilt milk."  The saying is an age-old proverb that has been around for hundreds of years. The first historical reference to the phrase appears in a document written by British historian James Howell in 1659. The meaning is not to worry about things you can change, about things that happened, or about things that are out of your control. 
I wonder if we can say, "Don't cry over spilt grape juice?" 
It was a great day at Hamilton Mill UMC yesterday as all present celebrated the first worship celebrations in the new space set aside for the worship of Almighty God. During the first service, a beautiful service of Word and Table, Rev. Mark Westmoreland made a great save. His arm hit the chalice and almost knocked it over, but with quick reflexes he caught it just as it was tipping over and only spilt half the chalice. Many at the 8 am service gasped and then laughed as the first mess had occurred in the new space. A half a chalice of grape juice poured out on the new altar. The tension was broken, and the service took on deeper meaning.
Needless to say, we have all given Mark a hard time about this. But, when thinking about it, I am reminded that Jesus’ blood was not politely poured into a beautiful cup, but spilt out on the altar and on our lives to cover us and cleanse us. How appropriate that this spilling of grape juice happened at the first service on the new altar by the spiritual leader. We were reminded that there is no need to cry over spilt grape juice, but there is a need to give thanks. 
Wow, that worship space is now covered.  And, even though Mark is glad we did not get that on film and is ready to be ribbed for the rest of his ministry about it, I believe God was in church helping us remember the sacrifice God gave through Christ Jesus, God's Son. 
We need to spill more grape juice, my friends, and let it soak into the altars of our lives. It is messy, but that is what Christianity is ... messy at times as God does a new work within us, you and me, and the Church of Jesus Christ.
What a great day when God shows up at church. I hope your people will show up often, because it is a powerful thing to witness when God is present.
Much love, 

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