Just Thinking... Heading into Advent


Just Thinking ...

Advent is here, and the rush to the manger begins. As you personally move toward the manger and the Christ Child are you strolling, power-walking, jogging, or running? I find it interesting that, for me, there are four ways to reach the manger, like the four candles of the Advent Wreath.

Strolling - We begin by strolling,  not fully believing it is that time again. We see the decorations and enjoy the first hints of the season. We move down the path taking in all the sights, smells, and sounds that identify this time of the year. We begin to get excited and to long for the promise, especially as we view the news and the world around us. 

Power-Walking - We pick up speed and begin to walk with power toward the many things we must do in order to have our hearts and homes ready for the arrival of this most Holy and magical time. We realize that unless we pick up speed, we might not get accomplished all we desire to accomplish and seeing the peace of Christ reach all hearts.

Jogging - Now we have no choice but to jog, but it is all good because the jog is powered by the excitement of the music, the laughter of children, and the anticipation of the promise. We cannot help but jog along, blessing lives with a smile and a hug of warmth. Moving ever closer to the stable in Bethlehem, the place of joy for all.

Running - Time is running out, and so now we run to the place where salvation comes and to the place where the promise of the Advent of Jesus Christ will occur...  and we realize that we have come full circle and that love is what we have longed for all year long. 

We have journeyed from our heart to the heart of Jesus Christ and right back to our heart. Here is where the Advent of Christ must take place.  Until Christ has room in your heart and in my heart, there is no Christmas and there can be no return of Christ for us. This holy time of the year is a reminder to us that Christ must be birthed in our hearts or His coming is for naught ... a stocking of coal, if you, will instead of blessings and joys. 

Put your tennis shoes on, beloved, we are taking a walk this Advent, and I am walking beside you as you stroll, power walk, jog, or run. Together let us allow the birth of Christ to come again to our hearts anew. This could be the best Christmas ever, full of hope peace, joy and love.

Happy Advent, beloved!


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