'Keeps On Giving'

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking…

Perhaps you are shopping for something new and different this Christmas.  I have a suggestion of a gift you can give that keeps on giving.  The San Diego Union-Tribune reported recently that the San Diego Humane Society went to a woman’s van near Del Mar, California.  They found rats had clawed into upholstery, burrowed into the seats and gnawed the engine wiring.  The woman living in the van has agreed to give up her rats—all 300+ of them.

Captain Danee Cook says the woman wasn’t hoarding the animals.  She simply started with just two pet rats.  But rats can give birth every four weeks and produce a dozen in a litter.  Captain Cook says the woman acknowledged things had gotten out of control.  Authorities collected about 320 rats, and more than 100 are currently ready for adoption (Yikes!)  Good news…the woman has found a new place to live.

This is one option…a gift that keeps on giving.  Adopt two rats and within a short period of time…find a new place to live!

However, there may be a more sanitary and a less ‘skin-crawling’ gift we can give that keeps on giving.  I invite us to consider the gift of moving from the impossible to the possible.  Here’s how this works:  take a few moments and think of that which you believe is absolutely impossible.  Once you have that impossibility in mind and heart, ask our God of power, presence and wisdom (omnipotent, omnipresence, and omniscience) to move it to a possibility.

It might be that you feel it is impossible to forgive someone for some harm done.  Or you might feel that some personal or career goal is impossible to achieve.  Or you might think a person or persons are just impossible to love for any number of reasons.  Or you might feel it impossible for there to be peace on earth.  Or you might feel that our divided country, state, denomination, local church, local community is impossible to heal.

Imagine the impossible and allow the miracle of the Christ to move it (and you along with it) toward God’s will of possibility in the midst of impossibility.  Warning…it may not result in what you deemed it would be as you imagined a possibility state (it could be even better…I invite you to risk in your praying and in your believing…after all, doesn’t the scripture say “with God all things are possible”?

If we consider this invitation, and we discover in a deeper and broader way that God means what God intends, then we have discovered a ‘gift that keeps on giving’.  Our faith is bolstered.  Our witness is bolstered.  God is glorified and God’s possibilities abound.

This seems far more enjoyable and less icky than rats…what do you think?  Give faith a chance!

Always Thinking…

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