On the Journey

Quincy Brown


We're living a strange world. I can't believe that the dog days of August are here! School is starting back this month--though some students will have virtual and or in-person opportunities through the district. Please pray for our students, teachers, staff and parents. Surprisingly, August also brings with it a virtual Annual Conference.

Yes, that's right, the 2020 Annual Conference Sessions Annual Conference will take place “virtually” on Saturday, August 29. We will be providing detailed information on this meeting in the coming days, but please take note of the following dates and meetings related to the Annual Conference. Do note that you will need an email address in order to participate (vote) at the sessions. Clergy must use their conference email address. Important dates for the virtual 2020 Annual Conference Sessions include:

 August 7 – Laity must have a personal email address on record in Data Services
 August 9 – Virtual Pre-Conference Briefing
 August 10 -25 – Annual Conference Registration
 August 26 – Registered Members Receive Credentials for Annual Conference by Email
 August 29 – Virtual Annual Conference Session
Additionally, August has offered me opportunities to preach virtually. I would love to virtually preach at your church when you have an open slot. Here's the video link for the message on Luke 8:22-25 that I gave to Avondale Pattillo this past Sunday. Please click HERE to view the message.

On the Journey,

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