"Quotes and Sound-bites"

Terry Walton


“Quotes and Sound-bites”

I Was Thinking…

There have been a few things I’ve read or heard lately that have inspired me.  For example I was recently reminded of a quote of the great football coach Vince Lombardi who said “Fatigue makes cowards out of us all!”  After these days of some Thanksgiving relaxation I realize how tired we can become without realizing the fatigue.  It is important to take time to reset, sleep well and simmer in the beauty of life.  Rest is critical to the best in all of us.

Bishop Michael McKee of the Dallas Texas Episcopal area recently said “We know so little when we think we know so much.”  Isn’t it true that hardly anybody likes a ‘know-it-all’?  There is such a fine line between confidence and arrogance.  It is a line that is marked with the pen of humility.  Serving with excellence is so important but it is only a short step to serving as a perfectionist.  One serves others while the other serves only one’s selfish need to be perfect.

Bishop Ken Carder of the Florida Episcopal area in an address at the Extended Cabinet Summit said, “A bad church is worse than no church at all…Our job is to be in mission not just to take care of members.”  Then he ventured further with the image of too many churches are like ‘Blockbusters in a Netflix World’.  His point spoke to me.  We have grown to expect people to come to us for the Gospel rather than take the Gospel to them. 

Luke Walton, our 6 year-old grandson, volunteered to pray our Thanksgiving blessing this year.  His prayer… “Thank you God for everyone gathered here.  Thank you for the pilgrims that started this holiday.  Thanks for the food.  Amen.”  I don’t recall that I’d ever given thanks for the Pilgrims…why not?

These have been a few ‘sound bites’ either read or heard that have caused me to pause and to think and to be inspired.  What is inspiring you this Advent season?   Watch for inspiration and for the opportunity to be the inspiration for someone else.  If a football coach, two Bishops and a six year-old can do it…so can we.

Always thinking,


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