Right Place at the Right Time

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking…

Does the name Steve Bartman mean anything to you?  If you are a baseball fan then you know that Steve Bartman was the Chicago Cubs fan that reached out to catch a foul ball in the National League Championship Series in 2003.  It looked like the Cubs were on their way to a World Series only to have a fan interfere with a foul ball not allowing Moises Alou to catch the ball.  Many believe that interference by Steve Bartman created a domino effect that caused the Cubs to lose and thus not reach the World Series (again). 

I imagine that Steve Bartman thought he had a great seat for that game.  He did what any ordinary fan would do…reach to catch a foul ball.  Only this time, the world would see his reach and his life would become a misery for months and years.  He simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And instead of a ‘billy goat’ curse that has been the stated cause of years of World Series absence by the Cubs, Steve Bartman became the ‘scapegoat’ for which fans have placed their agony of losing.

Have you ever felt you were in the wrong place at the wrong time?   A pigeon once deposited a ‘gift’ on my back.  It was a ‘mess’ (literally)…wrong place at the wrong time. 

As we all know the Cubs finally won the World Series last week.  It seems the whole world was watching.  It had been seventy-one years since they played in the coveted series and 108 years since they won the series.  But finally…it happened.  Steve Bartman is ‘overjoyed’ that the Cubs won but he chose not to attend any of the celebrations because he did not want to cause any ‘interference’.

This Saturday, November 12 we all have an opportunity to be in “the right place at the right time”.  We’ve worked hard to create an orientation for Church leaders who will be leading in 2017.  From 9:30 until 12:30 at Mt. Bethel UMC, we will gather, fellowship, be inspired and learn.  My dear friend, Dr. Brent Strawn will share with us on the topic of “Biblical Leadership: Methods, Ministry and Crisis”.  Then our training will focus on the areas of Administration of the church; Administrative Board/Council, Finance, Trustees, Lay Leaders and Staff-Parish. 

What might God do in and through us in 2017?  We begin together this Saturday.  We begin by being in the ‘right place at the right time’.  I’ll see you there!  Go Braves!

Always Thinking…


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