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Terry Walton


I Was Thinking…

There are people who ‘have something to say’…and then there are people who ‘have to say something’.  I well remember a Pastor being introduced as a man who always ‘had something to say’.  I must admit having been at this work for 40+ years (depending on whether you count years as a ‘Youth Director’ or count the years from my Ordination as a Deacon/Probationer or if you count the years from my Ordination as an Elder in Full Connection) there have been Sundays where I felt more like the minister that ‘had to say something’ rather than for that week I ‘had something to say’.  There are occasions when I sit to write this article, I have the same struggle… ‘something to say’ or ‘having to say something’.

It is an interesting place to stand…a deadline to meet; Sundays come around every seven days and the Clergy are expected to ‘have something to say’…when in reality, if the clergy are honest, there are weeks (even seasons) when they feel they are at a place of ‘having to say something’.

Please don’t misunderstand me…this doesn’t cheapen the words of the priest or prophet when they are at the intersection of deadline and ‘having to say something’The Holy Spirit takes our weakest moments and empowers them to soar with eagle’s wings in ways that surprise even the proclaimer.  There have been moments when I was certain that I laid a ‘rotten egg’ sermon from the pulpit on a Sunday only to hear in the most specific of ways from some unsuspecting listener that what was said was life-giving, life-saving and even miraculous in terms of the timing of what was said.  In those moments, I was reminded of whose work this is after all.  The Holy Spirit is at work…even when you and I do not know what to say or what to do…count on it.

In these days of pandemic reality that are filled with moments in which many of us are seeking what to do, when to do and how to do, let us remember Pentecost…the moment the Holy Spirit took some scared and weary disciples and empowered them to change the world.  Could this happen again?  You bet it can and I am betting it will.  How about you?  Do you have something to say?  Or are you in a season of having to say something?  Either way…the Holy Spirit is at work…Soar my friends, soar!

Always Thinking…

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