Thank You For Giving, Now Consider Going

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North Georgia United Methodists from more than 300 congregations have given more than $400,000 to Disaster Response in September alone. If your church hasn't yet collected an offering, UMCOR funding is still needed. Mark gifts from your church either "UMCOR: US Disaster Response" (Fund Number 4390) or "UMCOR: International Disaster Response" (Fund Number 8430). And mail to: 

Conference Treasurer's Office
PO Box 102417
Atlanta, GA 30368-2417

In addition to generous giving, now consider going! We have received requests for ERTs (Early Response Teams) and mission teams from Annual Conferences affected by hurricanes and tropical storms. Is your church available to serve in Florida? Texas? South Georgia? North Carolina? Louisiana? You're needed. Here's how:

--Scott Parrish

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