Thanksgiving a Bit Early

Quincy Brown


Earlier this week, I had a Thanksgiving Breakfast. Ok, so it's not what you think: there wasn't turkey and dressing (and yes, for the record, it is dressing and not stuffing!) Instead, I had breakfast with Diane Vaughan (President) and Ed Tomlinson from the Wesley Woods Foundation.

After discovering the many connections that we shared between the three of us, both Diane and Ed wanted to say thank you to the churches in the ADOX for your support of the Mother's Day Offering. I even got a t-shirt with a meal that I will wear proudly.

I appreciate Wesley Woods and the churches in our district who supported the Mother's Day offering for the Wesley Woods Foundation. Below, please see the churches that were listed.
Avondale-Pattillo                   Flat Shoals                 North Decatur           
Cedar Grove                          Kelley Chapel             Red Oak                     
Stone Mountain                     Snellville                     Zoar
Clifton                                    Mansfield                    St. Paul                      
Columbia Drive                      Mt. Pleasant               St. Timothy
Decatur First                          Mountain Park            Salem 
I’m thankful for each you and your certificate is available for pick up at the District Office. If your church's name didn't appear on this list, no worries; there will be plenty of time to prepare for next year's offering! You'll be hearing more about that in the upcoming months.
Now, you might be asking yourself, why is Quincy talking about Mother’s Day when Turkey Day is just around the corner. One reason: The Mother’s Day offering is one way that you impact lives. It is through your generous support, older adults at Wesley Woods live in a community of love. The older adults are thankful for the impact that you make, especially during the Thanksgiving season.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, the simple, mostly non-commercialized holiday sandwiched between  Halloween and Christmas, is overlooked in department stores. Sure, there have been a few attempts to make Thanksgiving more exciting. You can buy a few Thanksgiving decorations, and there is the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special to commemorate the holiday. But the truth is that sometimes it seems like the only purpose of Thanksgiving is to eat turkey, watch football, and, to kick off the Christmas shopping season!
Thanksgiving, at least as I remember from playing Miles Standish in the fourth grade Thanksgiving play, is so much more than this. Thanksgiving is all about thanking God for the gifts of life, love, joy, and much more. Yes, we indeed get to see family and friends, and we get to eat a great meal. But our central purpose should be to give thanks for God's favor, power, love, and care given to us.
I’m thankful for each of you.
Happy Thanksgiving!

On the Journey,


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