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I Was Thinking…

Have you ever been skeptical about something?  The adjective word ‘skeptical’ describes someone who is not easily convinced, having doubt or reservations.  I’m missing Major League Baseball these days.  I love the Atlanta Braves but when it comes to them winning games in the post-season playoffs, I’m skeptical.  Perhaps that is because they have had many chances and just can’t seem to win when it matters.  My hope is colored by my skepticism.

Have you known someone who seems to look for a ‘conspiracy theory’ in many of life’s events?  This noun, conspiracy, describes a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.  Have you known of someone that seems to be looking for something sinister in almost everything that happens?

I’m troubled by what I read on occasion that seems to point to the fact that there is an increase in skeptics and conspiracy theorists in our present-day world.  I’m especially alarmed when I read of those who think the COVID-19 pandemic crisis is a conspiracy by media outlets and the government to have more control over the American public.  Really?  I am amazed at the gullibility of some people.  Some seem to be hungry to follow the next nut in line who has the latest and greatest off the wall, uneducated, nonsense.  It troubles me at the rampant arena of lostness in our world.

Perhaps this Holy or Passion Week is here in time.  I need reminding that Jesus had to deal with such twists and turns of human fickleness.   Those who cheered him with ‘Hosanna’ on Sunday cried ‘Crucify him’ on Friday.  Some who cried so loudly were easily led to voice what was the most emotional and irrational thing to proclaim.  They were easy followers of the wrong kind.  They followed hate that had been fueled by political threat and the possibility of power lost.

Yet Jesus would still die for them.  Oh, how this brings me to my knees.  I see all kinds of folks of which I wish Jesus had not died…child abuser, spouse abuser, oppressors of all shapes and sizes, white supremacists, bullies, betrayers of friendships and marriage covenants, murderers, rapists…just plain hate-filled persons.  Jesus could you have just died for those who are relatively normal sinners and written the above kinds of sinners off your list?

There is an Easter Basket full of things that trouble me this 2020 Holy Week.  Most of all, it troubles me that I’m one for which Jesus died.  It cost his life so that I could have abundant life.  It troubles me that it cost that much for this sinner to have eternal life with God.  And…and…if Jesus the Christ paid that much for me, I must realize it was not just for me.  It was for all of us…including those I most wish were not receivers of such love. 
Always Thinking…

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