Try It This Week (A Disciple-Making Tool)

Brian Clark


Ministry is often about asking the right question(s). When we ask the right question, we find the right answer. The same is true about disciple-making. Here is an example.

We often ask about disciple-making: what do we DO next? In other words, what class do we need to offer? What kind of group(s) do we need to start? What curriculum works best?

But this is the WRONG QUESTION.

The RIGHT QUESTION: what do they NEED next? Our focus needs to be on the people we are discipling and what they need in order to grow and mature in their faith. If we focus on people and where they are in their spiritual journey, we will always find the right answer about what our next move is in disciple-making and ministry.

Think about the people you serve in ministry this week. What do they need next in order to take another step toward spiritual maturity in Christ?

Always praying for you,

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