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I Was Thinking…

Have you been uncertain as to what to think about COVID-19 “Corona Virus”?  I have been in a muddle of emotions.  It is important for my ego that I do not overreact to all the panic around me.  It is important to my life that I not underreact.  How serious do I take this virus that has literally turned our world upside down?

We are sailing in uncharted waters…at least that is true for most of us Americans.  We’ve had a few scares but nothing that I can recall seems to compare to the ugly possibilities of this cruel bug that is sweeping the globe.  I have noticed on social media there is a range of reactions.  Some are dismissive in their response stating that the government is just trying to dictate our living.  While others seem to have hunkered down and plan not to surface until next year’s ground hog day.  Both extremes are illustrative of what happens usually in ‘extreme land’out of balance thinking.

My ministry life-long accountability group traveled on a ‘bare-foot’ sailing adventure some twenty or so years ago.  We were the crew for a captain and his two mates.  What an experience!  The night I was on shift to sail the 65 ft. sail boat, I remember Captain Steve telling me “Terry, keep your eye on that North Star and make sure the mast lines up with the star and you will get us to our destination by morning.”  I did, and we did.

Amid this uncertainty and the noise from the extremes, let’s keep our eye on our North Star.  The North Star of the God of wisdom, power and presence.  Let’s keep our eye on each other.  When we see a friend in need or straying toward the extreme, let’s send them lifeline.  Let’s keep our eye on those gifted to do research and practice medicine.  They know and they are called to guide us as healing instruments of God’s healing power.  Let’s keep our eye on the opportunities this change of routine gives us.  Time with family and with God is the blessing to celebrate.

Early in our marriage, Sharon and I were both home with the flu.  We played chess, we played card games.  We organized photos and wrote notes to friends we had meaning to write for quite some time.  We took care of each other.  We rested, we read, and we rested some more.  I still look upon that quarantine as a blessed memory in our relationship.

As many of you know, Sharon is a cancer survivor.  She is a walking miracle (as are many of you).  When she was diagnosed almost 5 years ago, there was only one drug that was effective to fight clear cell renal cell carcinoma.  After these 5 years, there are now at least 9 drugs.  I have often said, “I never knew my prayers of thanksgiving would include people who wear white coats and look through microscopes…but I thank God for them every day.”

Let’s pray for those who wear white coats and look through microscopes.  Perhaps, among other things, we are being reminded how much we have taken them for granted.

Let’s keep our eye on our North Star in these uncharted waters.  If we do, we will get to our destination.  Be at peace…God is with us.

Always Thinking…

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