Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.  When was the most recent time in which we were ‘inspired’? I find God’s spirit to be in the business of ‘inspiring’.  However, at least for me, there are occasions when God’s movement in and through another stuns me with inspiration.  This happened to me recently. Tim called to say that he’d be out of the pulpit and unable to preach and pastor for a few weeks....

Try It This Week (A Disciple-Making Tool)

Brian Clark


We are only one week away from the first of two opportunities to learn more about how you can start a multiplying disciple-making movement in September. We will gather at Princeton UMC next Tuesday, April 24 and again on Tuesday, May 1 from 10:00 to Noon. No registration is needed. If you are planning to attend one of these sessions, take some time this week to think about who you need to invite and encourage to attend with you. Or if you cannot attend, is there someone from your church you can...

re:Vision - Putting 'Contemporary' Back Into the Worship Space



Putting 'Contemporary' Back Into the Worship Space By Rev. Jeremy Lawson Last Summer, Clayton First UMC had to come to grips with an ugly and unfortunate reality about our contemporary worship space: There was nothing contemporary about it.   Between the outdated video screens, the fluorescent lights glaring overhead, and the basketball goals that were a permanent reminder that we were worshiping in a gymnasium, to say that our Connections contemporary service ...

Transition Management

Quincy Brown


A few weeks ago, I met with David Carr a Ph.D. student and ministry candidate from Eastside UMC. David was carrying a copy of Arnold van Gennep’s book of The Rites of Passage, where van Gennep outlines the 3 phases of change rituals: separation, transition (or threshold), reincorporation. David was looking for a reference in the book for his dissertation.   Our conversation took me back to when I was working on my dissertation where I also used portions of van Gennep’s book. My work was on how ...


Terry Walton


  I Was Thinking… I continue to find inspiration from Joan Chittister’s book The Rule of Benedict, A Spirituality for the 21st Century.  I offer these words of hers to you.  “Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, ‘The earth laughs in flowers.’  Benedict of Nursia wrote, say ‘Alleluia’ always, no matter the time of day, no matter the season of life… ‘We are Easter people’, Augustine wrote, ‘and Alleluia is our cry.’ The use of ‘Alleluia’ dates back to the earliest of liturgical formularies, both Jewish ...

re:Vision - They Met Their Goal!



They Met Their Goal!  By Lindsey Solomon In June of 2017, The United Methodist Children’s Home began its work in the Augusta area. As part of our expansion across the North Georgia Conference, we are now recruiting, training, and supporting foster parents in Augusta and the surrounding communities. This past October, the youth at Wesley United Methodist Church in Evans heard about the ministry of UMCH and the need for foster parents. They learned that there are...


Terry Walton


  I Was Thinking… In the summer of 1934 a theologian named Reinhold Niebur was vacationing in his summer cottage near Heath, Massachusetts.  One Sunday evening Dr. Niebur conducted a worship service at a small church in the area.  At the end of the service Dr. Niebur gave a brief closing prayer. The prayer spoke deeply to one of the members of the congregation and as he greeted Dr. Niebur he asked if he could have a copy.  Dr. Niebur reached into his Bible, pulled out a crumpled piece of paper...

The Meaning of Easter

Quincy Brown


He was too heavy. He squirmed with nervous energy. His legs were getting restless, and he needed to go the bathroom. As he hung from the makeshift 2x4 lumber-constructed- cross, Greg was ready to come down before it was time. Greg was playing Jesus during the church's Easter play. I guess this is what happens when you grow up in a family church, and your family is the primary family in charge. And to make matters worse, when we got Greg down to carry him behind the large curtains (we didn’t...


Terry Walton


  I Was Thinking… This is a profound week.  We call it ‘Holy/Passion Week’.  Lent accelerates to a Passover/Seder meal and then to the execution of an innocent man.  It is a week of mishandled politics where power is used to handle the fear of the loss of power.  It is a week where leaders of the ancient church do not come off as compassionate and God-fearing, but rather as weak people to be pitied with their own personal agendas encouraged by selfish blind lies supported by well-developed ...

re:Vision - Dinner Church: Taking the Church Jesus Loves to the People Jesus Loves



  By Rev. Heather Jallad Burnett Elementary School is 1.4 miles from Douglasville First UMC. In 2012 we became a partner in education with them. Over the course of that time, we have served the children in our community together in ways that we continue to pray will bring about transformation as they discover their worth, their gifts, and the hope that they are for the future. With the highest free and reduced lunch in the county, this school serves many ...

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