Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… How are we being the church to the world?  With a ‘boat-load’ of unchurched, de-churched, done-churched’ in our communities this is the primary question.  Where there is ineffectiveness in reaching the broken, hurting and lost, then it is imperative that we think in new and innovative ways.  This week’s ‘re:Vision’ article in our North Georgia Conference weekly is a result of death to resurrection…we are going to see more of this in the days, weeks, months and years to come.  We...

Try It This Week (A Disciple-Making Tool)

Brian Clark


Ministry is often about asking the right question(s). When we ask the right question, we find the right answer. The same is true about disciple-making. Here is an example. We often ask about disciple-making: what do we DO next? In other words, what class do we need to offer? What kind of group(s) do we need to start? What curriculum works best? But this is the WRONG QUESTION. The RIGHT QUESTION: what do they NEED next? Our focus needs to be on the people we are discipling and what they need ...

Christmas Chaos

Quincy Brown


It's been a busy few weeks. Much, like you, I survived the "special days" of the past two weeks, including Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Rivalry Saturday (for college football enthusiasts--Go DAWGS, yes I know, I know...), Cyber Monday, and finally Giving Tuesday.  Amazingly enough, NONE of these days were actually in December! Thanks to Kiss 104.1 FM's DJ, Ron Youngblood, the host of the oldies but goodies R&B show Spotlight Gold on Saturdays I can now focus on Christmas. On Saturday, December...


Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… I found an article I wrote seven years ago hidden away in a file.  I read it and my heart was warmed all over again.  So in this second week of Advent I thought I’d share my heart warming experience with you.  There is excitement at our house.  We have our first grand-pets.  Caroline (age 3) and Luke (age 1) now have two fish.  One is named ‘Happy’ and the other is named ‘Silly’.  It was an exciting phone call I received this past Sunday afternoon to announce these new members ...

A Week in Kenya with #30HourFamine: Community and Empowerment

Sam Halverson


Community Monday After arriving in Nairobi, getting a short night’s sleep, and taking a wonderful train ride west along the Mumbasa Highway to our destination, we arrived Sunday at the hotel which is located in a National Game Reserve. In fact, as I write this in my room I can look out the window at a watering hole where already hundreds of water buffalo, elephants, baboon, birds, giraffe, and meerkat make their way to spend time. This morning, though, the community watering hole is quiet. Only ...

“Do What You Can’t”

Terry Walton


  I Was Thinking… “Just do what you can!”  This is a phrase that I have heard in a variety of circumstances across the years.  As a stock clerk at Colonial Food Stores, Mr. Holston, the grocery store manager would say to us “You won’t be able to stock all the shelves tonight so ‘just do what you can’.”  Mrs. Jones my 10th grade biology teacher was notorious for ‘pop quizzes’ in which she would say to the class “You will not get all the answers correct so ‘do the best that you can’.  I would ...

A Week in Kenya: Seeing the Impact of #30HourFamine

Sam Halverson


On Thankfulness What a crazy time to be getting ready to leave for a week in Kenya.   It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Family time. My daughter is home from college; my wife is finishing her break from teaching; our church is preparing for the Advent season; neighbors and friends are spending time shopping and decorating for a month of Christmas celebration and I’m getting ready to leave for a week in Africa.   Don’t get me wrong - I’m excited about this trip. World Vision is an organization ...

re:Vision - An Oasis



An Oasis of God’s Love By Rev. Theresa Coleman I was showing a friend and colleague around my new appointment at Collins Memorial United Methodist Church the other day, telling them the story of the church, when, all of a sudden, my friend said the most remarkable thing. He said, “This place is like an Oasis!” And it struck me—it is really is! Collins Memorial exists in an area I like to think of as a liminal place, a thin space or a space “between.” In ecology, a liminal space is the space ...

‘Saying the Right Thing’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Life according to Peanuts can be exactly what we need to hear.  Several years ago just before Thanksgiving Day, there was a Peanuts comic strip that pictured Lucy feeling sorry for herself and lamenting, “My life is a drag.  I’m completely fed up.  I’ve never felt so low in my life.”   Her little brother Linus tries to console her and says, “Lucy, when you’re in a mood like this, you should try and think of things you have to be thankful for; in other words, count your ...


Quincy Brown


 3D Journey On Thursday, our family will host the annual family Thanksgiving gathering. And I'm gearing up for my only job of keeping the kitchen clean for 24 hours. I'm looking forward to seeing my family and sitting at the kids' table during dinner. Yes, I still sit at the kid's table on Thanksgiving! It's something about Thanksgiving that touches the child inside of me.     Sandwiched between Halloween, and Christmas, Thanksgiving is the simple, mostly non-commercialized holiday...

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