If It's Dead, Then Why Does it keep Popping Up?

Quincy Brown


  A couple of days ago, a friend shared with me a Facebook post on Latin. It was a multiple-choice test, to determine if I was a Latin master. To my surprise, I scored 9 out of 10! The test was fun for bragging rights and allowed me to show off my limited knowledge of Latin words; most of which I came across during my doctoral studies and the others from “Googling" the names of medication so that I can order the cheaper generic brand.     Most of us either use or hear Latin words;...

“A Tradition Unlike Any Other”

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… “A Tradition Unlike Any Other”.  We’ve heard that a lot recently.  It is the phrase used to describe ‘The Masters Golf Tournament’.  If I may, I’d like to borrow that phrase for this Holy Week.  Some refer to this week as “Passion Week”.  It is a week in which ‘traditionally’ Christians pause to experience the Passion found in the last week of the life of Jesus.  The tradition of focus on these final days in the life of Christ is a tradition that allows us to grow deeper in our...

Try It This Week (A Disciple-Making Tool)

Brian Clark


The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Holy Week and Easter is one of the busiest weeks in the life of a pastor. I begin with this statement for two reasons: #1 - If you are one of our pastors, I want you to know that I'm praying for you this week in specific ways. I'm praying the following....      -For an extra measure of strength and energy      -For the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as you prepare for sermons   ...

The Cock Crows

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… One of the best books I’ve read is the book ‘Falling Upward’ by Richard Rohr.  If you have not read it…it will change your life…I invite you to read it.  He writes “Did anyone ever tell you that the name Lucifer literally means the “light bearer”?  The evil one always makes darkness look like light—and makes light look like darkness.” (P.133) Regardless of our spiritual language…Devil, Satan, Evil One, Fallen Angel…there is a force seeking to confuse and cause chaos in our ...

April Fool Day Isn't Engaging

Quincy Brown


      April Fools Day isn’t engaging. I quickly discovered this lesson as a gullible kid who always got April Fooled. No matter how many times the class clown would set up the prank, I fell for some elaborate hoax or outrageous fictional claims. It even took me five years to realize that Stan Lee was not my best friend’s brother! I chalk up being an April Fool to my active child-like imagination that connected with comic books and cartoons. I was the perfect patsy to be set up on ...

Stress-less Living

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Have you been under ‘stress’ lately?  According to CNN Chief Medical Correspondent and practicing Atlanta neurosurgeon, Sanjay Gupta, “When things are more nebulous and I don’t know what is happening, that’s more stressful.”  Is there is any ‘stress’ in your life these days? Americans in the 1960’s had some of the longest lifespans on Earth.  Now among developed countries, the United States is scraping bottom.  Dr. Gupta suggests there are many reasons: “a mélange of income ...

We Need Bismarck!

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… I have some sad news:  Bismarck is dead!  I’ve served six churches thus far in my ministry and thus I read the obituaries every morning to see if someone with whom I’ve been in ministry has made the great transition to our Father’s house (Please note I do not read the obits just to make sure my name is not there…I’m not that old, yet!)  Bismarck is dead!  He was found shot to death.  Bismarck was a 15-foot crocodile located in a quaint seaside town of Cardwell located in Far ...

Spring, Lent and a Bridge Over Troubled Water

Quincy Brown


Spring, Lent, and A Bridge Over Troubled Water   Today’s the first day of spring, a season for cleaning, change, renewal and yes, pollen. I don’t think that isn’t a coincidence that Lent occurs at some point during the spring, as both seasons highlight the need for change and new beginnings.   Winter makes many of us want to curl up to a warm fire and withdraw from the world. But with the arrival of spring, we can start to come out of that place of self-protection and look forward to new ...

‘Behind the Scenes’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… I love it when a plan comes together…don’t you?  If you have ever said that phrase, then you understand what hard work goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of a plan for it to have a chance at ‘coming together’.  This world is full of ‘unsung heroes’ who are the ‘behind the scenes’ servants.  We may never know who they are, but they are present…unnoticed and serving. I think of the people who arrive early to church and turn on the heat in winter or AC in the summer.  I think of the ...

‘Ministry Weary’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Do you ever get weary with ‘ministry stuff’?  ‘Ministry stuff’ can be exhausting.  Until someone experiences this first hand, it can sound like whining and complaining.  But I’d like to verify that ‘ministry stuff’ is draining. ‘Ministry stuff’ is energy draining because it taxes every piece of a person.  To do ministry in a way that fulfills the call, the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical are called upon for its completion.  ‘Ministry stuff’ is more than an 8 AM to 5 ...

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