Thanksgiving a Bit Early

Quincy Brown


Earlier this week, I had a Thanksgiving Breakfast. Ok, so it's not what you think: there wasn't turkey and dressing (and yes, for the record, it is dressing and not stuffing!) Instead, I had breakfast with Diane Vaughan (President) and Ed Tomlinson from the Wesley Woods Foundation.     After discovering the many connections that we shared between the three of us, both Diane and Ed wanted to say thank you to the churches in the ADOX for your support of the Mother's Day Offering. I even ...


Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… “The greatest enemy of thinking is busyness (business?).  I used to love a Zen teacher’s comment that the Western form of laziness is to be busy, while Asian laziness is too much meditation.  But I don’t think that’s true any longer.  Busyness isn’t our way of avoiding things—it’s our total and complete lifestyle.  We have too much to do, too many responsibilities, too many kid’s activities—and in this deluge of tasks and to-dos, we’re highly distracted.  With distracted minds, ...

'Agree to Disagree'

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Have you ever won an argument?  According to Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, the answer is no.  “You can’t win an argument”, Carnegie writes.  “You can’t because if you lose it, you lose it; and if you win it, you lose it.  Why?  Well, suppose you triumph over the other person and shoot their argument full of holes and prove that they are non-compos mentis (not sane or in one’s right mind).  Then what?  You will feel fine.  But what about them? ...

'A Better Place

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… What if we loved everyone in front of us…would the world be a better place? What if we attempted to walk in another’s shoes…would the world be a better place? What if we took time to listen when someone else needed our ear…would the world be a better place? What if we smiled as we crossed each other’s path…would the world be a better place? What if we paused long enough to pray before we made important decisions…would the world be a better place? What if we bent to the ...

Sunday's Coming

Quincy Brown


Sunday will be a busy day. It will be the last of our 5 Zone Charge Conferences. It is also Daylight Savings Time, the time that we turn our clocks back an hour. It's also All Saints Day, the day where our churches will recognize the legacies of the "saints" who passed away during the year. Finally, Sunday will be the day that Popeyes Chicken will bring back its chicken sandwich.     You remember the so-called sandwich wars over the summer, don’t you? Whether you are a fan of Popeyes' chicken ...


Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… I cannot get it out of my head.  Kamille McKinney was only 3 years old.  She was fondly known as ‘Cupcake’ to her family and friends.  She went missing and last week her remains were found after a two-week search in a trash bin.  She had attended a birthday party and subsequently abducted and murdered.  Who would do such a thing to a precious 3-year-old little girl?  I cannot get it out of my head. We have two three-year-old grandchildren.  Their names are Brooks and Camryn.  ...


Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Back in the 1980’s, the fast food chain Wendy’s ran a famous TV ad depicting a fashion show in the old Soviet Union.  As the show’s emcee declares, in a thick Russian accent, “Day wear!” a Russian woman struts across the catwalk wearing a drab, proletarian cloth dress.  “Very nice,” says the announcer.  Next up?  “Evening wear!”  The same woman struts across the catwalk in the exact same dress—but holding a flashlight.  Swim wear?  Same woman, same dress—this time holding a ...

Pastor Appreciation Month

Quincy Brown


    It’s mid-October, and this means that it is Pastor Appreciation Month! I invite your church to drop a note of appreciation to your pastor. Here are five suggestions from Lovett Weems’ article, “Showing Appreciation for Your Pastor” from his Leading Ideas newsletter:   1. Pray for them. Prayer helps you and your clergy leaders understand your partnership in ministry and your mutual dependence on God.   2. Respect them. It would be best if you didn't talk to them in ways you would ...

'Whose Are We?'

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Margaret J. Wheatley writes in her book, Who Do We Choose to Be? the following, “A culture focused on individual freedom can only result in narcissism, polarization, conflict, estrangement, and loneliness.  What is the meaning of life when it is all about me?” (P.69) My observation is that we are becoming more of a humanity that is ‘self-centered’ rather than ‘other-centered’.  The words of Jesus, “it is better to give than to receive” are getting further and further in the ...


Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… The newest craze in baseball promotion are ‘bobbleheads’.  I have several of these little statues of present and past Atlanta Braves baseball heroes.  There is even a bobblehead Hall of Fame in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  A bobblehead, also known as a nodder, Hannah, or wobbler, has a long history dating back to the seventeenth century.  By 1960, Major League Baseball produced a series of papier-mache bobblehead dolls, one for each team, all with the same cherubic face, and few ...

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