Online Advent Devotionals from Sam Jones Church and David Jones


From Bill Burch - During each of the four weeks of Advent you will receive an email like this giving you the link to view the devotion.  This week’s video is an Introductory Video to tell you more about the devotions that are to come. Click here  to view the video.   Following the video you can make a comment on the video. To do so, click on “Comment” below the video. Then type your comment in the “Post A Comment” box. Below the box you will see “Comment ...

What Are You Overlooking?


 Logo subtleties   It’s amazing how you can see the same logo over and over again and somehow miss a detail.  In an email this week someone pointed out to me that there is an arrow within the FedEx logo.  I couldn’t believe I never noticed it before:       Still don’t see it?  Look again.              

Pastoral Leadership in Stewardship


Pastoral Leadership in Stewardship, article by Bishop William Willimon  Bishop Al Gwinn, who is doing some great things in the North Carolina Conference, shared with me a study that was done in the West Ohio Conference related to the impact of pastoral leadership on the fair-share giving (apportionments) of a congregation. I found it interesting: In the late 90’s Dr. Don House of the University of Texas... had his graduate students run correlations on all the statistics of all the churches in ...

Advent Idea and More


Advent Idea, article in the latest newsletter by Dr. Marcia McFee Part of what I love to do in my newsletters is pass on ideas that I've heard that I think should get spread around.  This is what I call "cross-pollinating!" One of the best ideas I've encountered this year for Advent comes from the folks at Freedom Oaks Metropolitan Community Church in Austin, TX.  Their theme for Advent is "Simple Gifts" adn they will begin Advent with all the usual sanctuary splendor of the Advent/Christmas ...

Do We Throw His Blessings Away?


The Today Show had them on the next week and the entire family received autographed jerseys and a ball signed by the whole team.

The Fun Theory

11/10/2009  The following video is regarding a stairs vs. escalator experiment.  Afterwards, think about this question: where are you making faith fun, living in the joy of the Lord?

HealthFlex Open Enrollment Time


Open enrollment for HealthFlex insurance participants is November 4-19. Go to and click on “2010 Annual Election” to learn more about HealthFlex 2010 benefits and to make your annual elections. You will need to have entered a personal identification number (PIN), which was mailed to you by WebMD. For help with the PIN, call the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits Health Team at 1-800-851-2201.

The Church that Helped Bring Down the Berlin Wall


Monday is the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Read an article from USAToday about the church that helped bring down the Berlin Wall.

All Are Our Heroes


"Elekta is proud to embrace and support All Are Our Heroes, a song project that offers a message of hope to those whose lives have been touched by cancer. After serving as presenting sponsor the past five months, Elekta is proud to reveal our own hero, Caryle Ketchum. Daughter of Elekta employee Linda Ketchum, Carlye overcame stage four tongue cancer in 2007 with the aid of Elekta equipment.  "A remarkable person, Caryle's story of survival continues to amaze those who meet her. After undergoing...

Level Creek's Youth News Board


   Here's the new youth news board at Level Creek's made of all metal.

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