Letters Written In Turbulent Times

Jamie Jenkins


  "I see tremendous potential here in Georgia for the facing of these days. ... I’ve heard Georgia referred to as a “kingdom,” not an “area.” It would be almost impossible to find a section of the nation or world with more of what it takes to demonstrate intelligently and effectively the church at work. Opportunities for interesting confrontations ... abound .... It’s our time. Our society is starved to death for Christian guidance, and there is so much of the indispensable that will never be ...



B1 is a 24 hour fasting event, sponsored by the General Board of Global Ministries, which raises money to empower the poor and disempower unjust systems. It's about raising awareness and helping young people see what a difference they can make. For more information and additional resources, go to

Most Important Lesson

Phil Schroeder


The most important lesson of all? "Tell 'em story" says the little boy, Nullah, whose voice becomes the narrator of Australia.  Great Lines: Just because it is, doesn't mean it should be. One thing I know, why we tell story is the most important thing of all. That's how you keep them people belonging always.  Random thought: A film about Australia reminds me of Matthew 10:36, as quoted in Breaker Morant, a classic film.


Phil Schroeder


If You Know Who You Are . . . You’ll Know What To Do

Phil Schroeder


 If you have not had a chance to pick up Ron Greer's new book, you will want to do so. It could be the title of a great sermon series especially for the lectionary texts on David this summer. See the recent review in the Wesleyan Christian Advocate. I know Ron from working together at Peachtree Road UMC.  He would be an excellent speaker for your church this Fall. "If You Know Who You Are...You'll Know What To Do" Review by Wesleyan Christian Advocate, Martha M. Tate, LCSW “Seek not abroad,  ...

Job Sermon Notes for fall

Phil Schroeder


During a season of struggle, you might want to consider a sermon series on Job which comes up in the lectionary in October. What follows are Rev. Mark Westmoreland’s thoughtful introductions to these texts along with four sermons. Mark is the pastor at Fayetteville First UMC. The four Job texts offer the possibility of a four-part series of sermons, although it is certainly debatable whether any of us would want to do this during October and the stewardship season.  Still, the story of Job gives...

There I was, resting.

Micheal Selleck


I sat still today. I woke up early this morning, not before dawn or anything, but before the neighborhood had started to crackle with barking dogs and fitness walkers. I ambled down to pick up the paper in the driveway. I made myself a cup of coffee, and I then sat in a rocker on the front porch.  The new sun had yet to overcome the coolness of the night before. A leisurely breeze swirled the heady scent of nearby gardenia blossoms around my head. I’ve got to say, a cup of hot coffee and the ...

How's My Website?

Phil Schroeder


Years ago when serving at Gainesville First UMC, my friend, Doug Manning, told the story of a phone call that came into his business. The phone rang. The caller had a simple question. "How's my driving?" He had read the sign on one of the company's truck with an 1-800 number and the words, "How's my driving?"  It was meant to give feedback on the driver but at times our messages are misunderstood.  How's your website? Are your worship times prominently featured?  Can you find the main phone ...

The Dance of Pentecost


My imagination was stirred this past Sunday, through the medium of music and dance.  Stacy Marie Walker, Worship Leader at the 9:35 a.m. Contemporary Worship at Oak Grove UMC and others conveyed through dance, music, color and fabric the movement of the Holy Spirit. The sounds and movement gave voice to the text for that day. It reminded me that the Holy Spirit compels us to move and act in beautiful and bold ways in response to God’s great gift.            Then the Feast of Pentecost ...

Faith Prints


Tomorrow I am leading a memorial service for the state convention of a women's philanthropical educational organization that I am a part of. One of the things I have done to get ready for this service is prepare a power point that has a picture and brief bio about each one who has died in the past year. As I first began working on this, I saw it more as a chore than anything - but as I began to receive the submissions from across the state, I realized that it would be more than just a usual ...

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