The Dance of Pentecost


My imagination was stirred this past Sunday, through the medium of music and dance.  Stacy Marie Walker, Worship Leader at the 9:35 a.m. Contemporary Worship at Oak Grove UMC and others conveyed through dance, music, color and fabric the movement of the Holy Spirit. The sounds and movement gave voice to the text for that day. It reminded me that the Holy Spirit compels us to move and act in beautiful and bold ways in response to God’s great gift.            Then the Feast of Pentecost ...

Faith Prints


Tomorrow I am leading a memorial service for the state convention of a women's philanthropical educational organization that I am a part of. One of the things I have done to get ready for this service is prepare a power point that has a picture and brief bio about each one who has died in the past year. As I first began working on this, I saw it more as a chore than anything - but as I began to receive the submissions from across the state, I realized that it would be more than just a usual ...

Two Opportunities to Positively Impact Your Health at AC2009


Your Conference Board of Pensions & Health Benefits invites all HealthFlex members to take advantage of 2 opportunities during annual conference to positively impact your health. 1. Visit our computer kiosk station to take your Health Risk Quotient (HQ). Get help logging on, spend a few minutes privately reviewing your health risks. 2. Visit Becky Mader of ProCheck from 7 to 10 AM on Tuesday-Thursday for a FREE health screening. (Non HealthFlex members eligible for $115) You will be evaluated ...

Where Will Amazing Happen?

Jamie Jenkins


The theme of the 2009 NBA Play-Offs is "Where Will Amazing Happen?" Well, it happened in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday night, May 22. It was the second game in the Eastern Division Playoffs. Hedo Turkoglu scored to give the Orlando Magic a two-point lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers with one second left on the clock. Game over. At least that is what I thought. Cleveland called a time out. Why? It’s over! After the time out the Cavaliers put the ball in play with one second left in the game. The ...

No funerals or weddings?

Jamie Jenkins


In a conversation yesterday I was told that weddings and funerals are not conducted in a certain megachurch in the Atlanta area. If this is true- and I do not know that it is- how can they call themselves "Church"? Although the many wedding ceremonies that I have been involved in took many Friday nights (for rehearsal) and Saturdays, I cannot imiagine a pastor and congregation not being a part of such a significant moment. Likewise, for a congregation not to have a service to celebrate the life...

Good and Bad Appointments

Jamie Jenkins


“We will probably decide to close the church during your time there.” With these “encouraging” words from my district superintendent I went to my first appointment. There were 14 people in attendance on my first Sunday- and that included my wife, our eight month old son, and me.   The parsonage was an old house with two big high-ceilinged rooms on each side of a wide hallway. There was a small kitchen, bathroom, and porch on the back of the house. No central heating or air conditioning and no ...

ReThink Church-We're collecting doors here!

Phil Schroeder

5/18/2009   More information about ReThink Church at UM Communications. No matter where we find ourselves in ministry, God always seems to be opening new ways for us to serve in the name of Christ. Take a look at these websites to see and hear exciting stories about the way the open doors of the UMC are making a difference in the world... The Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church in Eatonton recently painted their front doors red. Red is a traditional color for church doors as it...

World Refugee Day

Phil Schroeder


Refugee Sunday I Kings 17:8-15 by Tom Van Laningham & Meghan Brown Saavedra (Note:  This sermon is a collaborative effort between Tom, co-sponsorship developer and Meghan, Columbia seminary intern, and it is designed as a dialogue.  V1 is voice one and V2 is voice two.  However, it can also be retooled as a solo event.  You are welcome to use it, or any parts of it, in the context of your own congregation.) V1  This story is the first of several Elijah appearances.  The most famous is the big ...

Powerful Testimonies via Cardboard

Phil Schroeder


The Rome Carrolton District clergy recently visited Long’s Chapel UMC just off the grounds of Lake Junaluska. Long’s Chapel has been one of our fastest growing UM Churches over the last 7 years, growing to a worship attendance of 1000. They recently added a Saturday Night Service entitled SNL or Saturday Night Life. Here is a link to an excellent use of video.   Send me examples of other videos so we can learn from each other. You might want to also check out Cumming...

Great Stewardship Ideas

Phil Schroeder


Twelve Specific Things Church Leaders Can Do Now to Increase Giving By Lovett H. Weems, Jr. 1. Immediately make sure your personal giving is what it should be. 2. Immediately say "thank you" and find ways to do so regularly all year. 3. Tell people regularly what was accomplished through their giving. 4. Immediately do something concrete to assist those in economic distress. 5. Ask lay professionals to conduct workshops on budgeting and personal finances. 6. Focus on worship attendance since ...

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