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Employee vs Contractor: Great Infographic

Keith Cox


The decision between hiring an employee or using a contractor isn't simple, but there are some clear differences between the two that you should consider. This infographic from ZenPayroll is a good place to start.

Apportioned Giving Resources

Keith Cox


It is a very common occurrence that we in the North Georgia Conference Treasurer's Office receive inquiries about our United Methodist apportioned giving system. Most often we hear questions like “What are apportionments?” “When I tithe to my church, where does that money go?” “How can I explain the North Georgia Conference Budget to my congregation?” These are vital questions in the life of the United Methodist Church that deserve honest and clear answers. Part of our job is to help our ...

Recent Developments Impacting Business Planning

Keith Cox


(Info provided by Gross, Duke and Nelson) Relief From Stringent 1099 And W-2 Reporting Requirements Over the past 18 months, Congress enacted new information reporting requirements for businesses. After much pressure from the business community, both Congress and the IRS have recently provided the following relief from some of these new reporting requirements: Congress Repeals Recently-Enacted 1099 Reporting Rules New rules enacted in 2010 expanded the 1099 reporting rules to include payments ...

Form 1099 Reporting Provision of Health Care Law Repealed

Keith Cox


Form 1099 Reporting Provision of Health Care Law Repealed Bill H.R. 4 was signed into law—repealing the expanded Form 1099 tax reporting requirement for business that had been included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The Form 1099 provision would have required businesses, including tax-exempt organizations such as churches, to file tax reporting documents for all vendors from which they buy at least $600 worth of goods or services within a year. This requirement was ...