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Acts of Christian Kindness

re:Vision - Serving God, Serving Neighbor at Ariel Bowen UMC


  By Rev. Arundel Hope Thursday, July 20, was a day filled with anxiety, excitement, anticipation, relief and fulfillment in the life of Ariel Bowen Memorial United Methodist Church.  Pulling into the church parking lot, it was running over with TV cameras, reporters, government officials, community leaders, church members and local residents, everyone eagerly awaiting a truck load of fans to be distributed to neighbors, especially seniors, in the community.  These fans are to relieve the ...

Volunteers Give of Themselves So No One Need Go Hungry

Guest Blogger


Nov. 10-16 is Guest Blogger Week at ngumc.org. The Conference has invited leaders of Action Ministries to write about hunger issues and how NGUMC churches can and are making a difference! They'll be posting all week and you are invited to share the messages with your own church and community. Follow along on social media by using #‎ngumcHungerAction.   Volunteers Give of Themselves So No One Need Go Hungry By Rev. Lisa Caine Guest Blogger  It’s a simple fact of life that we get hungry every ...

The Gnawing Stress of Hunger in Georgia

Guest Blogger


By Rev. John R. Moeller, Jr. Guest Blogger   As a parent, it hurts my heart to think that many of the 28 percent (more than 1 out of every 4!) of Georgia's children who are food insecure can't focus in school because they are worried about their next meal.  You and I both know that a child's brain needs a consistent, nutritious diet to fully develop. I’m distressed by the fact that far too many Georgians can't focus on finding or maintaining a good job because they’re worried about how they will...

Welcoming A New Pastor


In a few short weeks, Methodist ministers across the Annual Conference will be moving to new appointments.  I recently received from the Lewis Center for Christian Leadership an article entitled “50 Ways to Welcome your New Pastor or Associate Pastor.”  The article is easy to find on line with practical ways to welcome and say goodbye. Among the list are: Open your heart and decide that you are going to love your new pastor; begin praying for the new pastor and family; send cards of welcome to ...

Ways to Meet Your Community: From St. Paul Grant Park


"Everyone said that Halloween trick or treating was huge in the Grant Park neighborhood. So we had the idea that we could open the church fellowship hall up as a Halloween Hospitality station. We recruited eight adults who did not have children, and asked them to be Halloween Hosts. We all dressed up in costume (the pastor was a Starbucks barista) and we did some minor decorating, simple orange and black streamers and three pumpkins. A new member here, a graphic artist, designed and made street ...

October is Clergy Appreciation Month


Did you know October is Clergy Appreciation Month? I like what Lovett Weems suggests in the Leading Ideas newsletter. Showing Appreciation for Your Pastor Lovett H. Weems, Jr. Some of you may know that October is designated Pastor Appreciation Month in some denominations and congregations. This is not a major national observance, but some churches do use the designation to make sure they show appreciation for their clergy leadership. While such gestures are thoughtful and appreciated, most ...

Layaway in A Manger - Wesley UMC in Evans


Rev. Greg Porterfield invites his congregation to take an envelope with a $20 bill in it as they leave church this Sunday. He suggests that they add another bill of the denomination of their choosing then head to a local retailer that has a layaway. Just walk up and ask the person at the Layaway Desk to put the money in the envelope toward the gift and give the card to the person when they come to pick up their item. In a recent sermon, Greg wondered why it is that we "just can't seem to trust ...

Great News: Perimeter Wall Around Humble UM School is Complete


I received word yesterday that the perimeter wall around Humble UM School in Uganda is complete. The project was funded through generous donations to the North Georgia Conference Bridges initiative. Here's a picture ...

Cleaning for a Reason


What a cool idea! This non-profit offers free professional housecleaning and maid services to  women undergoing treatment for cancer (1 time per month for 4 months during treatment). They have partners across the U.S. Do you know a woman battling cancer who would like to apply? Do you own a maid service or cleaning service that would like to partner? http://www.cleaningforareason.org/

Disaster Response: Helping our Neighbors


We have much to pray about this May. As we have talked with friends from Tennessee, North Alabama, Mississippi, and the Gulf Coast, we are so aware of the urgency to respond. The most powerful response to these neighbors and friends is always through prayer. I urge you to form prayer groups and to pray individually and collectively. Other ways we can reach out to our neighbors include: EARLY RESPONSE TEAMS: Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church is requesting UMCOR-trained Early ...

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