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Try It This Week (A Disciple-Making Tool)

Brian Clark


The best possible missionary for your community is YOU!      -You already understand and are immersed in the culture of your community.      -You have connections, relationships, and trust with the people in your community.      -You have resources and leadership (a base of support) within your congregation that can      address the unique issues and challenges in your community. God has placed you in your context for such a time as this! Pray this week about seeing your community through "...

Try It This Week! (A Weekly Discipleship Tool)

Brian Clark


Commit the fifth (and final) key of discipleship to memory: thus far, we've learned four keys of discipleship. Can you name them? 1) Disciples have a personal relationship with Jesus lived out through the spiritual disciplines. 2) Disciples participate in a small group for mutual growth and accountability. 3) Disciples serve others through acts of love that build the Kingdom of God. 4) Disciples are stewards of every aspect of their lives. The fifth key: Disciples share the Gospel and make ...