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Engagement: Asking About Life

Quincy Brown


In just fourteen days, my new book Discipleship Path will hit the presses! I’m excited about this project as many of our pastors and laity helped me to create the process that I discuss in the book. Here’s a brief excerpt from the book:   People are not looking for a church. People are looking for community and engagement. This news was the painful lesson I learned as a failed church planter a few years ago. It took me a long time to come to terms with my failure. After all, I sincerely...

Community Engagement

Quincy Brown


What questions are people in your community asking? I've asked several congregations in the district to consider this question as they think about its impact of making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. I wrote about how to answer this question back in July 2019. If you missed it, click here for the information.   Recently, I caught up with Dr. Doug Gilreath, senior pastor of Covington First United Methodist Church, (CFUMC) and asked him how Covington First ...


Quincy Brown


  Prayer Do you remember the bedtime prayer, “Now He lay me down to sleep?” If you’re like me, this nightly ritual was the first prayer that you learned. And of course, at the end of the prayer, I would ask God to bless every person that I could think of, often trying my parents’ patience.   After I mastered this prayer, Daddy taught me how to offer the blessing over the meal by saying, “Lord, thank you for this opportunity to eat, I pray that you bless this food to nourish our bodies. ...

Leadership Pipeline

Quincy Brown


Leadership Pipeline Over the past few years, I have worked with churches to develop a leadership pipeline. In my work as superintendent over the district, I’ve witnessed several examples of church lay leadership. Below, I want to share two churches that have an active leadership pipeline in place. It is always a toss-up between these churches for the most lay servants to be recognized in the area. I’m grateful to the leadership of Dr. Derrick Rhodes and Rev. Robert Ward, Sr. for sharing their ...

The Measure of a Person

Quincy Brown


The Measure of a Person Monday, January 20, marked the 37th celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday. Had not an assassin’s bullet snuffed out his life prematurely, nearly 52 years ago, King would have celebrated his 91st birthday this year.    As we remember him, many have referenced several of his famously eloquent speeches. Yet there is one of his more straightforward declarations that rings especially true: “We have an opportunity to make a better nation.” When King spoke of a...

On The Journey

Quincy Brown


Learning to Adapt to Change New Year’s Eve will mark my first anniversary of attending LA Fitness gym for my first session with a personal trainer. My trainer caught off guard when he asked if I had plans for later that night. With a puzzled look, I responded in a rather clueless manner, “Now, why would I have plans for later tonight?” After my new trainer gave the “where have you been” stare at me, it finally occurred to me that it was December 31! And if I needed more proof of the day, the ...

Merry Christmas

Quincy Brown


I wish each of you a very Merry and safe Christmas! On the Journey, Quincy

Thanksgiving a Bit Early

Quincy Brown


Earlier this week, I had a Thanksgiving Breakfast. Ok, so it's not what you think: there wasn't turkey and dressing (and yes, for the record, it is dressing and not stuffing!) Instead, I had breakfast with Diane Vaughan (President) and Ed Tomlinson from the Wesley Woods Foundation.     After discovering the many connections that we shared between the three of us, both Diane and Ed wanted to say thank you to the churches in the ADOX for your support of the Mother's Day Offering. I even ...

Sunday's Coming

Quincy Brown


Sunday will be a busy day. It will be the last of our 5 Zone Charge Conferences. It is also Daylight Savings Time, the time that we turn our clocks back an hour. It's also All Saints Day, the day where our churches will recognize the legacies of the "saints" who passed away during the year. Finally, Sunday will be the day that Popeyes Chicken will bring back its chicken sandwich.     You remember the so-called sandwich wars over the summer, don’t you? Whether you are a fan of Popeyes' chicken ...

Pastor Appreciation Month

Quincy Brown


    It’s mid-October, and this means that it is Pastor Appreciation Month! I invite your church to drop a note of appreciation to your pastor. Here are five suggestions from Lovett Weems’ article, “Showing Appreciation for Your Pastor” from his Leading Ideas newsletter:   1. Pray for them. Prayer helps you and your clergy leaders understand your partnership in ministry and your mutual dependence on God.   2. Respect them. It would be best if you didn't talk to them in ways you would ...

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