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‘Simplify Informania’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Henry David Thoreau was a 19th Century American essayist, poet and philosopher.  He’s famous for his ‘tiny house’—a 10-by-15-foot cabin.  He lived there for two years beginning in 1845, spending time reading, writing, thinking, growing his own food and making a few friends to neighbors nearby.  He removed extraneous stuff so that his mind could grow.  “Our life is frittered away by detail,” he wrote.  “Simplify!  Simplify!” (Life is Good, Jacobs, P.71) This has me thinking “...

‘Good Out of Place’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… It was Dr. Fred Craddock, the great teacher of preachers, who described sin as “good out of place”.  Pharmaceuticals are intended for our improved health…abuse pharmaceuticals and our health will deteriorate with potential death…’good out of place’.  Our bodies are created in God’s image and are a ‘temple’ of the Holy Spirit…pornography turns our bodies into objects for selfish pleasure…’good out of place’.  Take any good thing and abuse it or misuse it and it is ‘out of place’...

‘A Lesson of Both’

Terry Walton


I find the following thoughts from Phillip Yancey in his book Grace Notes insightful.  Perhaps you will as well.   “As Andrew Greeley said, “If one wishes to eliminate uncertainty, tension, confusion and disorder from one’s life, there is no point in getting mixed up either with Yahweh or with Jesus of Nazareth.” I grew up expecting that a relationship with God would bring order and a calm rationality to life. Instead, I have discovered that living in faith involves much dynamic tension. ...

“Elephants and Birds”

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… “As an old African proverb has it, “When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.”  The weak get hurt in conflicts between the powerful.  Americans at the bottom of the income scale are always the ones who lose when contempt crowds out cooperation at the top.  The politics of contempt never hurts the rich very much.  It hurts people in poverty.  We should all be able to agree that that’s bad.” (Love Your Enemies, Arthur Brooks, P.33) I’ve grown to regret what I call the ‘...

‘Choose Your Color’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… In an attempt to be consoling and comforting a friend said to her friend who was wheelchair bound, “Suffering does so color life, doesn’t it?”  The reply came in a loving tone, “Yes, but I get to choose the color.” What color are we choosing these days?  This past week was difficult in that the frailty of human life was brought sternly to my attention.  A dear and close friend to my two sons was killed in a boating accident on Lake Hartwell.  His six-year-old son survived but ...

‘All-Star Week’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… You may or you may not be a baseball fan.  I am more than a fan…I’m an avid fan.  As we know the Atlanta Braves home baseball park, SunTrust Park, is located within our Atlanta-Marietta District.  Their home is our home.  This week is All-Star week and the best of the best professional baseball players gather in Cleveland, Ohio to play the annual All-Star game.  Freddie Freeman, Ronald Acuna, Jr., Mike Soroka and Brian Snitker will represent the Braves as All-Stars.  Congrats...

‘Face It’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… When we put a face on an issue it is amazing how our perspective on the issue can shift.  I’m certain there are many opinions on most things I write.  This will be no different.  Immigration is an issue that is full of political maneuvering and posturing.  It will continue for this election cycle and beyond.  But putting a face on the issue helps me. This past week there was a photo which I first viewed in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution of a father, Martinez Ramirez and his ...

‘Spirit Song’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… One of my favorite contemporary hymns in our United Methodist hymnal is “Spirit Song”.  It was written and put to music by John Wimber in 1979.  Every time I sing that song, I think of John Wimber’s faith journey and find it inspiring. John Wimber was not a person of faith.  He was a very gifted musician who was a pianist and vocalist in the rock group called ‘The Paramours’, later known as ‘The Righteous Brothers’.  However, his life was empty…even with all the success, he was...

‘Stay Home’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… My passion is to love folks into the Kingdom of God.  I strongly believe the world is hungry for ‘unconditional love’.  However, this kind of love is impossible unless we have the God of unconditional love firmly at home in our hearts.  My human struggle often has the door of my heart on a swivel.  Rather than let the God of unconditional love set up ‘house’ and make a home within my heart, I often keep the door swiveling as if I’m trying to ‘save energy’ at a large hotel.  ...


Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… I’m not one who thinks that clichés are necessarily profound.  However, they do become a cliché for a reason.  I suppose that reason is that several someones thought there was profound meaning in the phrase or saying and thus a cliché is born. Charles Sheldon’s 1896 book entitled In His Steps was subtitled “What Would Jesus Do?”  The ethos of Sheldon’s approach to Christian life was expressed in the phrase “What Would Jesus Do?”  In the novel, Rev. Henry Maxwell encounters a ...

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