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Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Did you see the article in last Wednesday’s AJC about the flood in Westonnen, Germany?  Floods are terrible messes that bring great devastation.  Floods require months and, in some cases, years of recovery.  I have shared in recovery efforts after devastating floods…it is a painful process for those surprised by rising waters. However, the flood in Westonnen, Germany is a flood that I would have enjoyed…maybe you too.  You see just before 8 PM on Monday, December 10 liquid ...


Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… How are we being the church to the world?  With a ‘boat-load’ of unchurched, de-churched, done-churched’ in our communities this is the primary question.  Where there is ineffectiveness in reaching the broken, hurting and lost, then it is imperative that we think in new and innovative ways.  This week’s ‘re:Vision’ article in our North Georgia Conference weekly is a result of death to resurrection…we are going to see more of this in the days, weeks, months and years to come.  We...


Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… I found an article I wrote seven years ago hidden away in a file.  I read it and my heart was warmed all over again.  So in this second week of Advent I thought I’d share my heart warming experience with you.  There is excitement at our house.  We have our first grand-pets.  Caroline (age 3) and Luke (age 1) now have two fish.  One is named ‘Happy’ and the other is named ‘Silly’.  It was an exciting phone call I received this past Sunday afternoon to announce these new members ...

“Do What You Can’t”

Terry Walton


  I Was Thinking… “Just do what you can!”  This is a phrase that I have heard in a variety of circumstances across the years.  As a stock clerk at Colonial Food Stores, Mr. Holston, the grocery store manager would say to us “You won’t be able to stock all the shelves tonight so ‘just do what you can’.”  Mrs. Jones my 10th grade biology teacher was notorious for ‘pop quizzes’ in which she would say to the class “You will not get all the answers correct so ‘do the best that you can’.  I would ...

‘Saying the Right Thing’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Life according to Peanuts can be exactly what we need to hear.  Several years ago just before Thanksgiving Day, there was a Peanuts comic strip that pictured Lucy feeling sorry for herself and lamenting, “My life is a drag.  I’m completely fed up.  I’ve never felt so low in my life.”   Her little brother Linus tries to console her and says, “Lucy, when you’re in a mood like this, you should try and think of things you have to be thankful for; in other words, count your ...

‘Future Memory’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… She was so cute.  I was sitting at the traffic light.  I looked to my left and up against the school bus window was a little girl asleep.  Her mouth was wide open, looked extremely uncomfortable but she was sound asleep.  Her book bag was her shoulder pillow.  She was not yet drooling but it could have happened at any second.  She was in dreamland.  She made me smile on a chilly early morning.   She also caused me to remember my own bus rides as a child.  I could almost smell ...

'Voting and Supporting’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… On this third day of the week, Tuesday, we have the privilege and responsibility of casting our vote for a number of candidates seeking a variety of positions of leadership.  It is an important day that we call the ‘Mid-Term’ elections.  It is important for the state of Georgia because we will elect a new Governor (that is unless we have a run-off).  Some of us will be glad and others of us will not.  That is how the democratic process works.  We all get our voice and vote.  ...


Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… “The question isn’t whether we are a nation divided by anger and fear. The question is what we’re going to do about it.”  This was a statement/question offered in Sunday’s Washington Post by Timothy Perry Shriver, the chairman of Special Olympics.  The following exerts from Mr. Shriver’s article spoke to my soul. “The news and social media obsessively detail how we all hate one another, presenting a fresh new hell each week. But there is another story taking hold in our ...

‘On Speaking Out’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… I find it a challenge to ‘speak out’ these days.  For example I wrote an article several years ago about my concerns regarding ‘Global Warming’.  The next week I received a heated note accusing me of being ‘political’.  In my heart of hearts I knew I wasn’t being ‘political’ (perhaps uniformed as to just how heated that topic can be) I was simply expressing a concern.  I read just this week that with the oceans heating up we could expect more ‘Hurricane Michael’ type of events. ...

‘Leadership Relationship’

Terry Walton


  I Was Thinking… In a recent devotional time I read these words… “If you want to influence others, and you desire to get them moving in the right direction, you must connect with them before you try to take them anywhere.  Trying to move others before going through the connection process with them can lead to mistrust, resistance, and strained relationships.  Always remember that you have to share yourself before you try to share the journey.  As someone once observed, “Leadership is ...

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