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The Grass is Greener

Terry Walton


The Grass is Greener I Was Thinking… “We live in a competitive society that focuses on making it.  Baseball players live for the day they make it to the big leagues.  Business people climb the corporate ladder with the hope of someday being the CEO or chairman of the board…The individual will have made it; he/she will have arrived.  But the idea of arriving is an illusion.  Our society is filled with people who arrive somewhere only to find themselves as discontented as they were before they ...

Kitchen Table Conversations

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… I was reared in a United Methodist Local Pastor’s home.  My youngest memory is of dad serving the six churches on the Forsyth Circuit.  Dad was appointed next to the Pomona/Mt.Zion Charge in Griffin.  During my formative years of life and faith it was the people of the small church that nurtured my heart and soul. In a Pastor’s home there are ‘kitchen table conversations’ about the church.  From mom’s critique of dad’s sermons to that cantankerous church member that just doesn’t ...

Challenges Like This

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… The iconic legend Arnold Palmer died recently and for many there has been grief over losing one of the best golfers and even better persons to have lived and played the game.  I remember a story told by Arnold Palmer on himself that was told to be a true occurrence. Arnold Palmer was invited to speak before a convention of blind golfers.  He asked the golfers how they were able to determine in which direction to hit the golf ball.  One of the golfers explained that his caddy ...

What Would Happen

Terry Walton


There I sat in our family room glued to the television watching another Presidential Debate. All of a sudden I felt my body language begin to twist and turn.  I noticed that I could hardly make eye contact with the TV screen. I was so disappointed in what I was seeing and hearing.  I was experiencing embarrassment and shame at what was occurring in homes all across this nation. The vitriol and blaming and accusations and, well, it was disturbing to me. What has happened to us as an American ...

'The Right Thing'

Terry Walton

I Was Thinking… Life according to Peanuts can be exactly what we need to hear.  Several years ago, just before Thanksgiving Day, there was a Peanuts comic strip that pictured Lucy feeling sorry for herself and lamenting, “My life is a drag.  I’m completely fed up.  I’ve never felt so low in my life.”   Her little brother Linus tries to console her and says, “Lucy, when you’re in a mood like this, you should try and think of things you have to be thankful for; in other words, count your ...

'The Way We Should Go'

Terry Walton

I Was Thinking… My friend and retired CEO of Primerica, John Addison is a big believer in ‘Focusing on Your Strengths’.  He writes, “There’s a passage in the Bible that says, “Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) But exactly what is that “way they should go”? A lot of parents interpret this passage to mean that you should raise your kids in a strict way, following the path you set for them, being well-behaved, doing ...

“Thankful for Shoulders”

Terry Walton

“Thankful for Shoulders” I was Thinking… This time of year reminds me of excitement.  Thanksgiving was a time for a journey to my maternal grandmothers in Cedar Grove, Georgia.  Oh how she could make dressing and pound cake…I can almost taste it as I write.  On the following Friday (now called Black Friday) as a family we would go to South Dekalb Mall for shopping and to see ‘The REAL Santa Claus’ (at least that is how it was advertised and who was I to doubt advertisement). One year upon our ...


Terry Walton

I Was Thinking… This past week was my first time to be involved in the beginning stages of the appointive process of the United Methodist Church.  I must say I have found it insightful.  There were moments of great joy.  There were moments of great stress.  There were moments of pain.  There were moments of tension.  There were many moments of prayer and a moment of singing the Doxology.  There were moments of worship as we, the appointive cabinet, fulfilled the calling as missional strategists...

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