Continuing Education

Time to register for the IN Conference


Fantastic workshops and outstanding speakers - that's what you will find at the IN Conference at Dunwoody UMC, September 14-16, 2010. (That's only 7 short weeks away!) We have some of the finest experts in the country presenting workshops and keynote speeches. There will be 50 different workshops. Topics include Small Church Ministries, Large Church Ministries, Children, Youth, Involvement, Small Groups, Needs-based Evangelism, Worship Planning, Worship and the Arts, Emerging Church, Church ...

Marketing Your Church/Making Social Media Work


We had a great event at Reinhardt yesterday focusing on how to leverage Public Relations and Facebook for your congregation. Find PDFs of the Power Point presentations below. Documents: Making Social Media Work (pdf) Marketing Your Church (pdf)

Continuing Education Ideas for Clergy


 Christianity 21: Faith in the 21st Century - Please let me know if you go or have been 21 Voices                                                                     21 Ideas     21 Minutes Each Christianity 21 will gather 21 of the most innovative Voices for Christianity's future, October 9-11, and give them each 21 minutes to share their passion.  Website:   Theological Conversation with Jürgen Moltmann             an Emergent Village gathering - Please let me know if...