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Smart Lunch, Smart Kid: Blessings and Promises of Hope Disguised as a Simple Sack Lunch

Guest Blogger


Nov. 10-16 is Guest Blogger Week at ngumc.org. The Conference has invited leaders of Action Ministries to write about hunger issues and how NGUMC churches can and are making a difference! They'll be posting all week and you are invited to share the messages with your own church and community. Follow along on social media by using #‎ngumcHungerAction.  Smart Lunch, Smart Kid: Blessings and Promises of Hope Disguised as a Simple Sack Lunch By Mark Hellman Guest Blogger As the dust begins to ...

The Gnawing Stress of Hunger in Georgia

Guest Blogger


By Rev. John R. Moeller, Jr. Guest Blogger   As a parent, it hurts my heart to think that many of the 28 percent (more than 1 out of every 4!) of Georgia's children who are food insecure can't focus in school because they are worried about their next meal.  You and I both know that a child's brain needs a consistent, nutritious diet to fully develop. I’m distressed by the fact that far too many Georgians can't focus on finding or maintaining a good job because they’re worried about how they will...

Employee vs Contractor: Great Infographic

Allison Berg


The decision between hiring an employee or using a contractor isn't simple, but there are some clear differences between the two that you should consider. This infographic from ZenPayroll is a good place to start.

Developing Leaders in Your Church: Great Inspiration in this 'Romans 12' Newsletter


Be sure to read this edition of the Romans 12 Newsletter! It's about a great leadership development initiative that includes spiritual formation, study, and reflection on ministry.  From Romans 12 Newsletter Issue #204 August 8, 2014 Growing Spiritual Leaders Dixon United Methodist Church in Dixon, California, has launched a leadership development initiative that includes spiritual formation, study, and reflection on ministry. Meeting monthly, over the course of nine months, leaders gather on...

How to Pitch to 'Patch'

Sybil Davidson


Patch.com and other community news sites are an awesome way to let your neighbors know about all the great things going on at your church. I asked Kristi Reed, Patch's community editor for Gwinnett and Northeast Georgia, about how churches can share news and events through their local Patch site.   Patch provides three main (free) services that churches should consider taking advantage of:   1. Create your own news section on your local Patch site.   To create your own news section on Patch, go ...

1st Impression Survey from the Church We Visited Sunday


It was really good to have you at Harvest this week. I hope you enjoyed the service. I don't know if you're looking for answers, a church home, or just passing through. Whatever the case, I'm glad you chose to check us out.   We think church should be a fun practical place to get the answers we need for life and help us grow in a relationship with God. Helping people connect with God is what Harvest is all about.   By the way, as a first-time guest, you have a special point of view that we are ...

First of the Year: A Great Time to Start An Energy Diet for Your Church


By Mike Selleck January, named after the mythical Roman god, Janus, is represented as a head with two faces, one that looks back and one that looks forward. Pagan statuary aside, this is a great opportunity to examine the energy costs of your church building and ask what your church utilities cost last year, and what can be done to reduce those (and related) costs in the year ahead. Energy-saving thermostats For the average home, Consumer Reports suggests programmable thermostats can trim ...

Lovett Weems on Metrics: A Tool for Learning, Not Judging


Lovett Weems provides some insight into the Vital Congregations initiative that I found very helpful.   Metrics: A Tool for Learning, Not Judging by Lovett H. Weems, Jr.   The current focus on setting numerical goals for ministry and reporting on the results is not new, though it is now greatly expanded. In the past, virtually all the goals churches set had to do with money. The most obvious example is the annual budget. A budget is a goal that the church works all year to achieve, monitors the ...

October is Clergy Appreciation Month


Did you know October is Clergy Appreciation Month? I like what Lovett Weems suggests in the Leading Ideas newsletter. Showing Appreciation for Your Pastor Lovett H. Weems, Jr. Some of you may know that October is designated Pastor Appreciation Month in some denominations and congregations. This is not a major national observance, but some churches do use the designation to make sure they show appreciation for their clergy leadership. While such gestures are thoughtful and appreciated, most ...

Bullying: Resources for the church

Sybil Davidson


Back to school means another chance to take a look at what churches can do to help prevent or respond to bullying. I came across these resources for a pastor last year and they are still worth looking into now: General Board of Church and Society has a printable flyer on bullying as part of its domestic abuse material. Domestic Violence Brochures United Methodist News Service did a three-part series on bullying in 2010. You can find the stories here: Child ends life because of bullying  Bullied...

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