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Advent Door Hangers


Will Zant, pastor at North Springs UMC, had a great idea for getting the word out about Advent services at the church -- door hangers.

Rethink Church Advent Sermon Series


Rethink Church posted resources for a four-week lectionary-based sermon series called “A Life-giving Christmas.” They have sermon starters, graphics downloads, devotional material and other worship resources meant to challenge your community to experience Christmas differently this year by practicing hope, peace, joy and love beyond the walls.  Check it out at: http://www.umcom.org/site/c.mrLZJ9PFKmG/b.6231833/k.690A/Rethink_Church_Advent.htm?tr=y&auid=7215017 

Vanco for UM EFT Transfers


The General Board of Finance and Administration partnered with Vanco Services to allow local churches to set up Electronice Funds Transfer Service -- UM EFT. Has anyone begun using the service? http://www.electronicdonations.com/GCFA/gcfa_home.htm

Give a Bible to Someone Who's Searching


United Methodist Communications just announced the release of the Rethink Church Edition Common English Bible (New Testament). Churches may order their own copies at $5 each to give away to church visitors or at Rethink Church events in their communities. Below is the UMCom news release: Give a Bible to someone who’s searching Nashville, Tenn: For less than the cost of a matinee movie ticket or a couple of gallons of gas, you can place the New Testament in the hands of a spiritual seeker who ...

8 Church Communication Blunders to Avoid


United Methodist Communication shared 8 Church Communication Faux Pas in its e-newsletter MyCom this week. From "I don't need a marketing plan" to "I went to seminary and I want everyone to know it," these are some good things to avoid. --Click here to read-- MyCom e-newsletter is a great resource. If you'd like to subscribe go to: http://www.umcom.org/site/c.mrLZJ9PFKmG/b.4672471/k.FBB4/United_Methodist_Communications_Subscriber_Form/apps/ka/ct/contactcustom.asp Let me know what you find ...

Short Stories


Dr. Bob Winstead, Director of Lifelong Learning & Assistant Professor in the Practice of Church Leadership at Candler, recently shared this list of short stories with me. Bob wrote: In a recent conference on preaching, I learned of a list of excellent short stories which are recommended as good reading.  The list is attached to this email.  They are not so much for sermon preparation as for preparing the sermon writer.  See how many of these you may have already read, and how many you might ...

God and Science: Local Church Seminar Idea


Bill Peck, a Sunday school teacher and member of Oak Grove UMC, has developed a seminar that several churches have found interesting and highly successful. Called "God and Science," the workshop is a guided presentation and discussion of how scientific discoveries may be reconciled with the Genesis account of beginnings. The purpose is for participants to leave with a better understanding of the language and history of evolution. Bill says that, "We hope to present evidence that should broaden ...

Online Tools for Meal Ministries


If someone is ill, elderly, or has had a new baby, oftentimes church members rally around these families to take them meals.We've come across a few online tools lately for church meal-maker ministries. Take Them a Meal.com (http://takethemameal.com/) is a free meal scheduler. The meal coordinator sets up the schedule, then meal providers can sign up for a day or days when they will take a meal. Then the system emails the provider. I haven't personally used this, but sounds like a good idea. ...

A Gallop Through the History of Methodism


Have you seen this John Wesley Clayride? It has 'confirmation' written all over it. Do you have any suggestions for other confirmation material? Post below in Comments. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu-e5aXarwQ&sns=em 

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