Two Books Worth Reading


Check out the reviews from (United Methodist Communications' website) of two books worth reading, "Blest Be The Tie That Binds," from Richard Wilke and "Living Grace" by Bishop Walter Klaiber and Dr. Manfred Marquardt. The Tie That Binds “Blest be the tie that binds . . .” Whether or not the words of this hymn are familiar to you, the notion behind them—and this book—is one of connectedness and community. Twenty years after his best-selling And Are We Yet Alive? Richard Wilke observes ...

If You Know Who You Are . . . You’ll Know What To Do


 If you have not had a chance to pick up Ron Greer's new book, you will want to do so. It could be the title of a great sermon series especially for the lectionary texts on David this summer. See the recent review in the Wesleyan Christian Advocate. I know Ron from working together at Peachtree Road UMC.  He would be an excellent speaker for your church this Fall. "If You Know Who You Are...You'll Know What To Do" Review by Wesleyan Christian Advocate, Martha M. Tate, LCSW “Seek not abroad,  ...

Sowing Seeds of Discontent


What to do when your church is content - but shouldn’t be My book fell open to that page believe it or not, page 51 (makes me think of one of my favorite verses – Luke 9:51.) Jody Flowers was sent to a church that had plateaued. He asked himself “how can a new pastor take an impressive but flatlined church to new levels of outreach and faith?” Answer: Sow intentional seeds of discontent He asked questions like this, “Isn’t it great that God is bringing people to our region who need Jesus?” “I ...

Tent Meeting: Preaching to the Choir has Never Sounded Better


A long rainy day was coming to an end. I had settled into a seat a bit too close to the stage when the four-part harmony began. I could feel the smile swiftly stretching across my face. There was a balm in Gilead that evening. If you are looking for a reviving night out, let me invite you to a Tent Meeting.  The simple story follows one man’s struggle to hear the voice of God in a time of financial distress and scarcity. Since all good stories are stories of redemption, knowing that he ...