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David Naglee


Empty? I went into a nonprofit store the other day, honestly to kill time while my wife was in a fabric store.  I found myself looking through used music CD’s.  I found one that peaked my interest. I read all the song titles on the back of the CD case for anything familiar.  I looked up the CD on my phone to see reviews on it.  I decided to buy the CD because it was only $1.91 and after all it would support a good cause. I left the store with my purchase and drove away.  Sometime later, miles ...

Are You Bent?

David Naglee


For quite a while, I have been a frustrated violinist. I’ve had problems making pure, clear notes on my violin. It has been scratchy, at times not playing notes at all. I’ve replaced strings, used more rosin, then less. I even had my violin bow rehaired (yes it really is hair from a horse's tail). I reviewed my technique to make sure I was pulling the bow at the proper angle. Nothing seemed to work. Then I finally looked closely at my violin bow. They all have a graceful bow from the frog to the...



I recognize that sometimes it is best to start small, so I decided recently to stop eating French fries. Not long afterward I was at a BBQ establishment and ordered the pulled pork plate.  “Instead of the tater tots (a French fry facsimile) can I have banana pudding?”  Remember, small steps!  The waitress responded curtly, “No.”. That was it.  No counter offer like, “I can but I’ll charge you an extra $3.95 and you’ll get the tots anyway.”  Just “No.”     A week later, I was in another ...

A Serious Call

David Naglee


In his Plain Account of Christian Perfection, John Wesley wrote that early in his Oxford years as a student, “Mr. Law’s Christian Perfection and Serious Call were put into my hands.  These convinced me, more than ever, of the absolute impossibility of being half a Christian; and I determined, through His grace…to be all devoted to God, to give Him all my soul, my body and my substance.”  William Law’s contention in A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life was that “devotion…is a way of life ...

And Are We Yet Alive?

David Naglee


And Are We yet Alive?  “Leaving Bristol after preaching at five, in the evening I preached at Stroud; where, to my surprise, I found the morning preaching was given up, as also in the neighboring places.  If this be the case while I am alive, what must it be when I am gone?  Give up this, and Methodism too will degenerate into a mere sect, only distinguished by some opinions and modes of worship.” John Wesley Journal- March 15, 1784   Wesley was distressed when the opportunities to share the ...

Team Church

David Naglee


Team Church         It was with great joy and satisfaction that I sat down on Saturday afternoon and watched two football games.  I enjoy watching football.  I enjoy the athleticism involved, the strategy, even the talent it requires to referee a game. I’ve discovered I really enjoy the game a lot more if it is between two teams to whom I’m not emotionally attached!   For as much as I enjoy the game, there is a growing trend that disturbs me.  When a touchdown is scored, the player carrying the ...

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were….”

David Naglee


    I recently read an article in the Business section of the AJC entitled; “Why we struggle to understand co-workers.” The article was an interview with Heidi Halvorson who has written the book; “No One Understands You and What to Do About It.” She states that “there is an often-awkward collision between perception and reality. We see ourselves a certain way and assume everyone else sees us that way as well. But that’s rarely the case…And what we see in others tends to be off base as well. The ...

Thoughts on Lent

David Naglee


I am currently recovering from having a cold.  I hate colds.  They must love me because when I do get one, it takes up residence and demands everything from me.  I hate cold medicine.  I take it because I am so desirous of relief but the side effects are almost as bad.  I can stare at the wall and like it.  I become non-verbal.  I don’t feel good or human.  I know when I am sick with a cold. There is no doubt about my condition.  I feel the life drain out of me and everything takes effort.  ...

Sparking a Memory

David Naglee


I was walking through a parking lot into a store recently and passed by a 35+ year old car.  The smell of oil and grease filled my nostrils. In that moment I was transported to my childhood to a little gas station across from a large brick manufacturing plant. The service station owner had given my father the use of one of the two service bays for the day. Dad was pulling the motor out of our family VW bus to repair it and as his 8 year old assistant, I was handing him tools and watching in ...

Welcoming A New Pastor

David Naglee


In a few short weeks, Methodist ministers across the Annual Conference will be moving to new appointments.  I recently received from the Lewis Center for Christian Leadership an article entitled “50 Ways to Welcome your New Pastor or Associate Pastor.”  The article is easy to find on line with practical ways to welcome and say goodbye. Among the list are: Open your heart and decide that you are going to love your new pastor; begin praying for the new pastor and family; send cards of welcome to ...

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