First of the Year: A Great Time to Start An Energy Diet for Your Church


By Mike Selleck January, named after the mythical Roman god, Janus, is represented as a head with two faces, one that looks back and one that looks forward. Pagan statuary aside, this is a great opportunity to examine the energy costs of your church building and ask what your church utilities cost last year, and what can be done to reduce those (and related) costs in the year ahead. Energy-saving thermostats For the average home, Consumer Reports suggests programmable thermostats can trim ...

The Plate


What happens when you tithe?  

The Easter Offering Plate


With so many more people in worship on Easter Sunday, why isn't the offering any bigger? Horizons Stewardship gave a simple answer in this month's enewsletter. Click here to download the pdf To read articles on other stewardship ideas and topics, Horizon's website is

Stewardship Origami Idea


You asked for it ... here's a video on how to fold a dollar bill into a shirt. Use with Matthew 5:40.

Stewardship Idea - Make it Easy to Give


Another idea from First Baptist Orlando: an offering drop-box. Give people the opportunity to give.

Stewardship Vision


After a brief conversation, Bill Burch at Sam Jones in Cartersville ran with my idea of 2010 as being "better than average vision." Their stewardship Sunday will begin with "20/20: Clear Vision," when they will look at how our stewardship enables the church's ministry. The second Sunday is "20/10: Better Than Average Vision," and They will look at personal stewardship as a spiritual discipline.   Bill Britt at Peachtree Road is building on the theme of "Enough" with "A Christian's Guide to ...

Great Stewardship Ideas


Twelve Specific Things Church Leaders Can Do Now to Increase Giving By Lovett H. Weems, Jr. 1. Immediately make sure your personal giving is what it should be. 2. Immediately say "thank you" and find ways to do so regularly all year. 3. Tell people regularly what was accomplished through their giving. 4. Immediately do something concrete to assist those in economic distress. 5. Ask lay professionals to conduct workshops on budgeting and personal finances. 6. Focus on worship attendance since ...