Technology and Digital Ministry

Digital Landscape: Four Steps to Reaching Your Community

Jessica Blackwood


As we pioneer the digital landscape, it is without a doubt going to have some bumps along the way. From glitching equipment, user errors, and the unforeseen guest that creeps into video backdrops, this act of failing forward is part of the journey. Though some hiccups will be unavoidable, there are a few things that can help alleviate some bruising along the way. #1 Identify Your Audience Before you create another piece of content, ask yourself, “Who is my audience?” Consider who it is on the ...

Creating Sacred Space in Digital Places

Jessica Blackwood


I can recall standing in my pantry at the beginning of the pandemic, exhausted and weary. The first two weeks of being at home with my family was fun and restful. We did everything from playing games to having family workouts, movie nights, baking, bonfires, campouts, and even managed to figure out how to do schoolwork at home. But, here we were, two weeks later, and the weariness of our situation was beginning to weigh on me. It wasn't long before I was standing in the pantry, weeping. I ...