BOM Executive Committee

Board of Ministry Officers 2016-2020

Chairperson: Glenn Ethridge
Vice-Chairperson: Julie Boone
Secretary: Mac Enfinger
Assistant. Secretary: Jessica Terrell

Committee Chairpersons:

Clergy Ethics: Terrilyn Lemons
Committee on Changes In Status & Orders: Julie Boone
Committee on Local Pastors & Transfers: David Campbell
Committee on Psychological Assessment:
Conference Relations Committee: Julie Boone
Conference Lay Leader: Bill Martin
Interview: Scott Pickering
Extension Ministries: Jasmine Smothers
Ministerial Education Fund: Dave Hinson
Recruitment: Karen Kagiyama
Residency: Linda Evans & Rodrigo Cruz

Chairpersons of Orders:

Elders: Yvette Massey
Deacons: Shannon Karafanda
Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members: Joel Miller


Licensing School/Course of Study: David Campbell
Candidacy Mentor Registrar: 
Cabinet Representatives: Dana Everhart
Registrar: Jane Brooks