Connecting the World through Mission Partnerships 

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The purpose of BRIDGES is to provide assistance to North Georgia Conference churches on how to get involved in United Methodist based mission experiences.

BRIDGES offers a way for our churches and agencies to get connected to critical and meaningful mission experiences, a way to work together, and an opportunity to make a difference here in Georgia and around the globe.

BRIDGES is a way for us get to know and partner with other Methodist congregations and agencies so that together we can more fully and effectively advance and share the love of Jesus Christ.

BRIDGES seeks personal and community transformation by developing the ministries of other caring people and their sustainable projects that give life and encourage health and balance, all in the name and witness of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are one person, a small class, a group, church, business, or a gathering of long-time friends, you can help make a difference for the Body of Christ through the BRIDGES programs.

You can get involved at many levels; offer prayers, financial support, resources, encouragement, perhaps join a travel team, or ideally, lead a team into mission. All churches should have a heavy investment in supporting missions as well as serving in missions; across the streets from our churches and homes, around the world, and in all places between where the love of God can be shared and nurtured.  

For more information on the Bridges ministry, contact Rev. Scott Parrish at or Rev. Herzen Andone at



East Africa

The East Africa conference is enormous by USA standards, incorporating Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and South Sudan. The complexities of this conference are vast. The current focus is on ZOE Ministries. Contacts: Rev. Bernice Kirkland at or Rev. Tonya Lawrence at

El Salvador

Working directly with local churches, we have been inspired by the many energetic young adults with enthusiasm for missions in El Salvador. Our areas of focus are: Purchasing Property, Supporting Pastoral Salaries and the Methodist Medical Clinic. Contacts:  Rev. Carol Cook at


Youth members from North Georgia have been working with the Bahamas Methodist Habitat for several years. We are expanding this bridge to new people, new churches and more mission groups of all ages as we work with the Bahamas Methodist Church and need adult teams. Areas of focus: Bahamas Methodist Habitat, Aircraft Donations Program, Dental Program. Contacts: Rev. Richard Winn at or Stephen Soulen at


The Methodist churches of Portugal are a minority group with a lot of potential in the Lisbon and Porto regions. Areas of focus: renewal of Methodism in Portugal, alleviating poverty, partnering with existing Methodist churches. Contacts: Rev. Dana Everhart at or Rev. Joseph McBrayer at






To make a donation toward the Bridges initiative general fund or to a particular Bridge, you may donate through your local church and designate the gift with the information below or mail a check made out to North Georgia Conference to

Conference Treasurer's Office
PO Box 102417
Atlanta, GA 30368-2417





The NGUMC partnership with Moscow area churches and the Moscow Theological Seminary of the UMC provides a vital partnership making possible greater impact of the church in Russia and throughout Eurasia. Contact: Rev. Doug Thrasher at

The Philippines

Much of the work of this Bridge revolves around addressing the extreme poverty that faces many of the people of the Philippines. Areas of focus: medical and dental mission teams, establishing campus ministries on University campuses in Manila and continuing education for leadership.
Contact: Rev. Kenny Ott at

Action Ministries of the North Georgia Conference

Action Ministries offers us a link to ministry across our own local communities. Areas of focus: Hunger, Housing and Education.
Contact: S. Kelley Henderson, CEO, at

World Methodist Evangelism

World Methodist Evangelism seeks to enable the “People called Methodist” to “spread throughout the earth abroad the honors of Jesus’ name.” Areas of focus: to see the Methodist Movement vibrant and growing throughout the world, to provide evangelism training, and to develop new churches.




Designate gifts using the fund numbers below:
1078  Bridges - Action Ministries
1070  Bridges - Bahamas
1075  Bridges - East Africa
1060  Bridges - El Salvador
1045  Bridges - General
1055  Bridges - Israel
1068  Bridges - Philippines
1065  Bridges - Portugal
1072  Bridges - Russia/Moscow
1050  Bridges - Uganda
1077  Bridges - World Methodist Eva






Designate gifts using the fund numbers below:

1045  Bridges - General Fund
1078  Bridges - Action Ministries
1070  Bridges - Bahamas
1060  Bridges - El Salvador
1055  Bridges - Israel
1068  Bridges - Philippines
1065  Bridges - Portugal
1072  Bridges - Russia/Moscow
1077  Bridges - World Methodist Evangelism