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BSA Updates

Updated 3/3/2022

As you may know, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is currently going through a bankruptcy process. Representatives of The United Methodist Church are actively participating in these proceedings. The North Georgia Conference and our Committee on Scouting (UMCOS) are sharing updates with North Georgia United Methodists as they are available. 

Churches: Ignore Recent Mailing, No Action Needed


Many United Methodist Churches received a notice in late February or early March related to the BSA bankruptcy that included a ballot. That packet can be ignored and discarded. There is NO ACTION needed by United Methodist churches. 

United Methodists Extend BSA Charters Through June 2022


United Methodist leaders have reached an agreement with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to extend existing UMC-sponsored Scouting charters through June 30, 2022 to provide for uninterrupted ministry with young people through Scouting. 

No action is required at this time regarding charter renewal. Churches are to move forward with the annual membership renewal process for all youth and adults who participate in Scouting programs. Charter renewal and membership renewal are distinct processes. Charter renewal focuses on the organization-to-organization relationship, while membership renewal involves the relationship between individual Scouts and volunteers and the BSA.


North Georgia Conference Commits to Proposed Boys Scouts of America Abuse Survivors Settlement

As part of the Boy Scouts of America proposed bankruptcy settlement, all U.S. annual conferences are being asked to contribute toward a $30 million settlement amount. This settlement is part of a larger bankruptcy reorganization plan for the Boy Scouts of America for which approval is still pending by the US Bankruptcy Court. The $30 million amount has been allocated among annual conferences based upon the number of claims associated with their respective churches. The North Georgia Conference has been allocated the amount of $1,092,504.

The North Georgia Conference Council on Finance and Administration and Board of Trustees recently met and committed to contribute the full amount toward the Survivor Trust settlement allocated to our conference based on claims associated with our conference. Conference leadership will offer an update at the 2022 annual conference session about how the conference will raise and contribute to the Survivor Trust Fund.


United Methodists Reach Settlement in Boy Scouts’ Bankruptcy Case

United Methodist leaders have reached a settlement in the matter of the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) pending bankruptcy proceedings. Upon final court approval, the settlement would absolve any claims of sexual abuse that may have occurred in congregation-sponsored Scouting programs.


Previous Updates and Q&A

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