Campus Crawl

- A High School Retreat to Tour College Campuses

As youth begin to hit tenth and eleventh grade they start to consider what will happen after high school. With that consideration also comes a realization that they will be leaving the youth ministry at your church. Even your most active teens are beginning to contemplate the day when they will no longer be in youth ministry, and youth ministry leaders would love to help guide youth into the next step - showing them possible colleges for higher learning and opening up an awareness and excitement of a new experience - campus ministries.

The North Georgia Conference is teaming up with college presidents and campus ministries to offer Campus Crawl - a retreat for high school students designed to introduce them to campus ministries, bring them to college campuses in Georgia (9 visits plus representations from 4 more), and help parents know the nuts and bolts of what's needed in the transition to college.

The tour begins on Thursday night, February 22nd and ends Sunday, February 25th. Students will tour nine different campuses as well as hear from representatives of four additional colleges. We'll stay overnight at Glenn Memorial (Decatur - near Emory), Macon, and Athens and will ride buses to each location. Parents are invited to attend the closing informational session at Oxford (on the campus of Emory at Oxford) where college representatives will have information on financial applications, preparing your child for the transition, how and when to apply, testing, and the importance of getting involved in a faith community while at college.

Registration begins right after Thanksgiving, so check with your high school students and get back to this page to register. Because of limited space this retreat is limited to 50 participants.

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