Conference Council on Youth Ministries

The CCYM is the group of youth (ages 14 through 18 or 9th through 12th grades) and adult advisors who are responsible for the various youth ministries of the North Georgia Conference.

The mission of the North Georgia Conference Council on Youth Ministries is to provide youth opportunities to spark the continuing spiritual formation of youth and Christian leadership in local churches by providing connectional events that supplement local youth ministries.




The goals of the CCYM are:

  • To build a foundation for the future United Methodist Church

  • To grow the Church to spread the news of Jesus Christ in local churches 

  • To inspire youth to be leaders in their churches and in the conference in all levels of church ministry

  • To make the gospel more relatable and relevant to an ever changing youth generation

The CCYM meets monthly from September through May, and meeting locations will be announced. All meetings are open meetings, meaning that anyone is welcome to attend. (Only the CCYM youth will be able to actually vote.)

CCYM President - Elijah Shoaf - Feel free to contact Elijah if you are you a youth with an issue you want to see addressed, or have questions about what CCYM is working on this year.

Adult vacancies are filled in a different manner. Adults should contact Lisa Springer, the Conference Youth Coordinator, ( if interested.

Sound fun? Love to plan and organize for youth? Apply...