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Charge Conference Report Guide

Charge Conference Registration:

Registration Closes September 16th. Clergy and Laity must register. 

Charge Conference Reports:

Due October 1st.

Please see the following checklist with links to directions for each type of report. They are divided by church reports, vital signs reports, & clergy reports since those will be in separate areas in Data Services. 

Church Reports: 

Click the rectangle that says "Charge Conference" to begin completing these forms. 

  • Church Community Profile
  • Church Information Report
  • Church Profile Report
  • Finance Report
  • Lay Leadership 
  • Lay Members to Annual Conference
  • Lay Servant's Annual Report
  • Pastor's Report, Part 1
  • Recommendation for Ministry (Optional)
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Trustee's Report

Vital Signs Reports:

Click the rectangle that says "Vital Signs" in begin completing these forms.

Clergy Reports:

Go to the main page on data services and click the drop down to the right of the blue writing that says "Create a new Clergy Worksheet or Report." There you should find the following reports to create. 

  • Clergy Financial Support Worksheet (note that this will need to be approved by SPRC)
  • Housing Allowance Form
  • Acknowledgement of UMC Policy on Clergy Divorce
  • Clergy Profile (Make sure this is updated so that I have the correct address & info for you!)
  • Clergy Self-Assessment 
  • Clergy Service Report

Hardcopies that you will bring to Charge Conference

  • Checklist with Signatures (Use this link to print it out)
  • Minutes of Church Council Meeting
  • Top Page of Insurance Declarations