Charge Conference Reports

Please complete your reports online at Data Services.

Reference Materials and Forms (Blank PDF)

Please use the standard version of the Charge Conference Checklist unless your district has a customized form.

2022 SouthWest Charge Conference Checklist

Charge Conference Checklist 2022 Standard Version

Church Community Profile (new 2021)

Church Information Report (revised 2021)

Church Profile Report (new 2021)

Clergy Divorce Policy (new 2021)

Clergy Divorce: Covenant For Healing (new 2021)

Clergy Financial Support Worksheet

Clergy Financial Support Worksheet - Example 1

Clergy Financial Support Worksheet - Example 2

Clergy Financial Support Worksheet - Example 3

Clergy Information Report - Profile (revised 2021)

Clergy Information Report - Self-Assessment (new 2021)

Clergy Information Report - Service (new 2021)

Directions for Clergy: Clergy Financial Support Worksheets (revised 8/1/2021)

Directions for Laity: Clergy Financial Support Worksheets (lay approval)

Directions: Individual User Accounts for Data Services (revised 2021)

Directions: Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Finance Report

Lay Leadership - Nominations

Lay Members to Annual Conference

Lay Servants Annual Report (revised_9_4_16)

Leadership Management Directions

Parsonage Inspection Report

Parsonage Inspection Report - District 1 CW

Parsonage Inspection Report - District 5 NW

Pastors Report Part 1

Recommendation For Ministry

Treasurers Report

Trustees Report

Vital Signs Goals

Vital Signs Weekly Entry