Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns

"The Unity of Christian Disciples Everywhere"



Pam Duncan, NGC Representative   

About CUIC

The Commission on Christian Unity and Inter-religious Concerns is the ecumenical and inter-religious agency of the North Georgia Conference.

The mission, purpose and program priorities of the Commission arise from the prayer of Jesus for the unity of Christian disciples everywhere and the biblical vision of a redeemed, reconciled and renewed creation made whole in Jesus Christ.

We understand that our role in the Church of Jesus Christ Universal and particularly in The United Methodist Church is to articulate this vision of unity and renewal in the context of respectful dialogue with people of different faith communities.

We move forward in our work in the face of multiple challenges to unity and renewal: the dichotomy of wealth and poverty, the diversity of racial and cultural understandings, the differences of faith and conviction, and the difficulties posed by gender issues. Ultimately, this vision must impact local congregations and the communities these congregations influence.

Therefore, we are continuously seeking ways to resource local leaders and congregations, and form spiritual leaders for the vision.



CUIC Resources


CUIC Ideas

An Interfaith Dialogue Panel:
Sponsor an interfaith dialogue panel in your local church. The are great printed resources available to help facilitate such a discussion at

Ecumenical Ministry or Program:
Coordinate an ecumenical ministry or program in your church. For a list of suggested programs, go to