Church of Excellence in Outreach

"Recognizing Churches with a Heart for Mission"


2017 - 2020 Church of Excellence in Outreach
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Amplifying Information for Criteria

Effective currently - December 31, 2020 and based on fiscal year implementation and application.

1.   Identify a Mission Leader who is approved by the church/charge conference

2.   Establish missions as a priority for your church by:

  • Forming a Biblically based Mission Strategy.
  • Providing a means of communicating mission and outreach information on a regular basis within your church.

3.Plan and implement an annual mission celebration event.

4.Participate in the Global Ministry Missionary Covenant Relationship program or establish a continuing relationship with a United Methodist Missionary.

5. Participate in at least one sustained local mission outreach program.

6.Participate in a mission trip or mission project outside the local community.

7.Pay apportionments in full.

8.Collect special offerings or provide financial assistance to:

  • Housing and Homeless (2nd Sunday in February)
  • One great hour of sharing  (4th Sunday in Lent)
  • Wesley Woods  (2nd Sunday in May)
  • Bishop’s Annual Conference Mission Appeal (Late May or Early June)
  • Methodist Children’s Home(3rd Sunday in September)

9.Subscribe to the New World Outlook.

10. Contribute to or participate in an Advance Project in 4 of the areas listed:

  • International Advance
  • National Advance
  • UMCOR material resources (cleaning buckets,  health, school, sewing, or bedding kits)
  • North Georgia Conference Advance
  • District Advance (Contact your District Office for information)

11. Provide support for one of the North Georgia Bridge initiatives through participation, giving or hosting a workshop for any one of the Bridges: 

El Salvador