Church of Excellence in Outreach

Church of Excellence in Mission

Recognizing Churches Excelling in Mission

Applications for FY 2022 are received during January 2023 with January 31 as the deadline. 

Amplifying Information for Criteria

      Based on fiscal year implementation and application.

  1. Contact Rev. Scott Parrish to initiate a shared review process with focus on a strategic congregational mission portfolio. 
  2. Identify a Mission Leader who is approved by the church/charge conference.
  3. Establish missions as a priority for your church by:

            - Forming a Biblically based Mission Strategy.
            - Providing a means of communicating mission and outreach information on a regular basis within your church.

  1. Plan and implement an annual mission celebration event.
  2. Participate in the Global Ministry Missionary Covenant Relationship program or establish a continuing relationship with a United Methodist Missionary. The missionary and project list is here
  1. Participate in at least one sustained local mission outreach program.
  1. Participate in a mission trip or mission project outside the local community.
  1. Pay apportionments in full.
  1. Collect special offerings or provide financial assistance to:

            - Housing and Homeless (2nd Sunday in February)
            - One Great Hour of Sharing (4th Sunday in Lent)
            - Wesley Woods (2nd Sunday in May)
            - Bishop’s Annual Conference Mission Appeal (Late May or Early June)
            - Wellroot - formerly the United Methodist Children’s Home (3rd Sunday in September)

  1. Contribute to or participate in an Advance Project in 4 of the areas listed:

           - International Advance -search by country or project                                                                                                                       

           - National Advance  -search by country or project                                                                                                                             

            -UMCOR material resource support (cleaning, hygiene, or school kits)
           - North Georgia Conference Advance
           - District Advance (Contact your District Office for information)


For further information, contact Scott Parrish at or 678-533-1374

The 2021 winners are:

Acworth UMC
Ben Hill UMC
Carrollton First UMC
Cornerstone UMC
Douglasville First UMC
East Cobb UMC
Jackson UMC
Mt. Zion UMC Marietta
Northside UMC
Oak Grove UMC Decatur
Vinings UMC