Director of Family Ministries


Covington First United Methodist Church seeks an energetic and creative Director of Family Ministries. This is a Full-time (40 hr./wk) position. The Director of Family Ministries will nurture and serve the families at Covington First United Methodist Church. With focus, planning, and design, Family Ministries is a program for children (through 5th grade), youth (through 12th grade), college ministry (young adults), and their families. Qualifications: The director must hold the following qualifications: 1. Have a high school diploma and must meet age requirement set forth in the Safe Sanctuaries Policy. 2. Possess experience in areas of children, youth, and family ministries. 3. Previous experience working as an effective team member and/or leader in a team-oriented environment. 4. Possess organizational skills and ability to multi-task. 5. Possess time management skills in order to set and meet deadlines. 6. Proficient in basic technology to include, but not limited to, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint; youth-based technologies (i.e. social media, texting, etc.). The following qualifications are not required but are highly desirable. 1. Possess a bachelor’s degree or higher degree in a related field such as Early Childhood Education, Secondary Education, Psychology, or Religious Studies. 2. Proven ability to teach and plan activities for an effective and dynamic family ministry. 3. Previous experience managing volunteers and/or leading a team. Responsibilities 1. Plan, supervise, and participate in children, youth, and family activities. 2. Nurture, communicate with, and minister to families at all times (prayers and praises). 3. Attend worship services and advocate that the children, youth and young adults are active participants in the worship life of the church (i.e. children’s message, acolytes, communion, liturgy, etc.). Provide opportunities to allow families to have ownership in the worship life of the church. 4. Serve as Sunday school Coordinator for Pre-K through Senior High School. As the coordinator, will be expected to purchase curriculum, organize Sunday school teachers, and organize materials. 5. Recruit, and train parents and adult volunteers for both children, and youth programs. These volunteers will assume leadership roles to carry out the various activities and programs that comprise the family ministries at Covington First United Methodist Church. 6. Coordinate all children’s activities during the year, including but not limited to: Vacation Bible School, Christmas party, Easter Egg hunt. 7. Coordinate all youth and young adult activities during the year, including but not limited to: Weekly Youth Program, PB&J, Spiritual Life Retreat, The Bridges Program, and ministry to college students. 8. Recruit volunteers for Children’s church and oversee activities to be carried out each week. 9. Coordinate an activities calendar to avoid conflicts with other groups and church activities. 10. Maintain office hours as agreed upon with Pastors and Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPR). 11. Ensure effective marketing to allow families the opportunity to be involved. 12. Coordinate the review and support for The Safe Sanctuary Policy and provide employees with required training. 13. Provide support to maintain and grow connection between the Church and the Preschool. 14. CPR certification and first-aid training will be obtained within the first 90 days of employment and maintained thereafter. 15. Compile information necessary to prepare yearly budgets in support of programs for the children, youth, young adult and families of Covington First United Methodist Church. 16. Attend monthly Church Administrative Council meetings and report to the Council as directed. 17. Schedule and facilitate meeting with children, youth, and young adults committees as directed by the conference. 18. Attend staff meetings and meet with Pastors when requested. 19. Attend Continuing Education trainings and events as needed and when feasible. 20. Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastors and/or Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC). All interested, email updated resume with references to Associate Pastor, Rev. Dr. Janet G. McCoy ( We will consider candidates with a strong work history with family ministries (children's and youth).

Contact: Rev. Dr. Janet G. McCoy

Address: 1113 Conyers St. Covington GA 30094

Phone: 770-786-7305