Preschool Director


The Preschool Director is responsible for maintaining the daily operation of the facility, a warm and friendly environment and a quality Christian-based, child-centered program. Leads and supports the staff through teamwork and mutual respect to achieve individual and classroom goals. We are seeking qualified candidates with a strong interest in and a developmentally appropriate understanding of early childhood education; a working knowledge of anti-bias programming, emergent literacy, district kindergarten standards and expectations; a strong Christian faith and desire to create synergies between the church congregation and the preschool. General Areas of Responsibility 1. Working closely with the Preschool Board, Implement and maintain the Preschool program philosophy, goals and objectives, including the design of the Preschool’s curriculum 2. Manage the day to day operations of the Preschool including staffing, training, scheduling, financial planning and management, facility maintenance and upgrades, student and staff information management, special events and family visits 3. Develop and maintain risk management plan, including emergency procedures, building and playground safety measures, maintenance and repair of equipment, strict adherence to MPUMC Safe Sanctuary guidelines 4. Build and maintain strong team spirit of staff including developing timely open communications processes, communicating the Preschool’s goals and desired outcomes, establishing measures of accountability and establishing effective training and feedback protocols 5. Plan and implement community outreach programs including developing the informational content related to Preschool’s philosophy, educational objectives and activities on the church’s website and Facebook page, distributing timely communications to parents, facilitating parent involvement in the Preschool Qualifications, skills, Licensing • Well versed knowledge of Bright from the Start DECAL licensing standards and DFCS mandated reporting • Proficient computer knowledge using Microsoft Office Suite products and Facebook • Proven Organization and Communication skills consistent with both preschool children and adult needs • Proficient with budgeting and organization financials • First Aid and CPR certification is required Responsibilities and Duties: Management and Planning 1. Implement and maintain the Preschool program philosophy, goals and objectives. 2. Interview, hire, train, supervise, evaluate and terminate staff. Also, conducts annual assessment of classes and teachers. 3. Collect and document fees and tuitions and maintain financial records. Provide tuition receipts for families upon request. Take measures to collect past due tuitions. Make deposits to the church’s financial administrator. 4. Meets with the Preschool Board at least quarterly to discuss policies, present ideas and recommendations. 5. Operate within the budget and obtain quotes for capital expenditures in consultation with the MPUMC Board of Trustees. 6. Presents the preschool to visitors, including new and prospective children and parents and provides facility tours for new/prospective families. 7. Maintain detailed records for children and personnel 8. Maintain child information and class lists. 9. Arrange for appropriate substitute staff when necessary. 10. Determine emergency procedures when a child is injured, as well as a risk management plan. Execute proper emergency drills in accordance with the appropriate licensing organization. 11. Help teachers design and facilitate the preschool curriculum including the incorporation of Christian principles. Utilize staff input to create empowerment and team approach to curriculum planning. 12. Conduct or plan back-to-school teacher in-service training and parent informational meetings. 13. Plan and facilitates activities, field trips (in-house and off-site), special visitors, parent meetings and family events. 14. Attend at least 6 hours in-service, conferences and seminars as required by DECAL making sure to be connected to a least one preschool director association. 15. Notify church office of room requests prior to the beginning of each school year needed for school activities and family events. These requests are in addition to the daily classroom use. 16. Plan for and facilitate weekly chapel times for each group of students. 17. Check for playground safety (i.e. Ants/water/ broken play equipment). Staff Leadership 1. Facilitate an atmosphere of cooperation, teamwork and mutual respect. 2. Organize and facilitate monthly staff meetings. 3. Be available for individual direction and conferencing with teachers and co-teachers. 4. Provide staff with in-service opportunities and continuing education for CPR licensing. 5. Communicate daily with staff including parent/child information that affects class participation. 6. Establish and maintain an open, friendly, warm relationship with each staff member. 7. Consistently work to translate the church’s mission into the goals and outcomes of the Preschool including attendance at full church staff planning meeting. 8. Work with teachers to ensure that developmentally appropriate, Christian-based activities are being implemented and measured. 9. Provide orientation for new staff members. 10. Prepare evaluations of the staff including development goals. Be responsible for documenting all positive and remedial procedures. Communication 1. Organizes informational content related to the Preschool for distribution on the church’s official website and MPUMC Preschool Facebook page. 2. Stimulate and encourage parent involvement and listen and respond to parent ideas/input. 3. Organize, facilitate and distribute parent communication utilizing Facebook and other communication channels when necessary. 4. Establish and maintain an open, friendly, warm relationship with the children and family enrolled in MPUMC’s preschool program. 5. Maintain frequent interaction with the children and staff in the classrooms. Commitment to Professionalism 1. Knowledge of the church’s mission statement and facilitate the preschool’s role in helping to fulfill that mission. 2. Support the Preschool’s code of ethical conduct, which is consistent with the United Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline and MPUMC’s Safe Sanctuary guidelines. 3. Support the professional growth and development of colleagues by sharing materials and information and providing helpful feedback and encouragement. 4. Promote the Preschool’s philosophy and educational objectives. Reports to the Senior Pastor and Children's Ministry Director. Please send resumes to

Contact: Ed Birt

Address: 1405 Rockbridge Road Stone Mountain GA 30087

Phone: 770-981-8512