Church Administrator, Duluth First United Methodist Church


General Description of Job The Church Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the church as well as the coordination and management of all business-related aspects of the organization. The Administrator is responsible for the recommendation and implementation of administrative policies and programs. The Administrator is also responsible for management of church finances, human resources, business operations, communications, technology, facility and administrative staff management. This position reports directly to the Senior Pastor. Financial Responsibilities • Oversees all activities of the Finance Office and the Financial Assistant. • Supervises the handling of all receipts and disbursements in accordance with well-established accounting procedures. Handles or supervises all general ledger, accounts payable and payroll activity and reconciliation of all cash accounts. Keeps staff and committee chairpersons informed on disbursements in their budgets. Reports all activity first to the Finance Committee and then at the following Administrative Council meeting. • Prepares monthly financial reports including but not limited to, budgeted financial, designated, giving, and building fund reports, as well as the annual financial report for presentation to the Administrative Council and congregation. • Supervises the maintenance of an efficient system of member pledging and contribution accounting with a quarterly report to each contributor. • Analyzes pledging patterns and develops cash flow projections to anticipate money requirements. • Strives to develop and improve financial reports, projections and business systems. • Serves as the primary contact with financial institutions to establish and maintain necessary relationships. • Coordinates the efforts of all required participants in the development, presentation and approval of the annual budget. • Works closely with the Stewardship Committee in implementation of the annual Stewardship Campaign, periodic capital campaigns and development of ongoing programs for deferred giving as in wills, bequests, estate planning, etc. • Spearheads annual financial review; serves as liaison to outside accounting firm, providing reports and information as requested. Human Resources • Implements, interprets and administers the personnel policies of the church. • Responsible for the hiring (with the approval of SPR and Senior Pastor), training, development and supervision of all administrative staff. Oversees the operation of the church office. • Supervises the management of benefit programs; recommends changes or additions to existing programs. • Serves as a resource for legal and human resource practices and issues. • Oversees the completion of performance reviews and recommends appropriate salary levels. Communications/Information Technology • Oversees the Director of Communications in the creation and production of church communications including newsletters, orders of worship, brochures and the website. • Handles all computer, software and technology-related requests and projects. • Troubleshoots network or computer problems when possible; consults with an outside IT professional as necessary. • Plans for and purchases technology equipment to adequately support staff and all church ministries. Facilities Maintenance • Works with the Board of Trustees and Building Maintenance Technician in determining building and equipment needs. • In conjunction with the Board of Trustees, ensures all church property is adequately protected by liability and worker’s compensation insurance. • Works with Board of Trustees and Building Maintenance Technician to ensure that all buildings, grounds and equipment are maintained properly and that necessary repairs are completed in a timely manner. • Uses established church policies to assist the Event Coordinator in negotiating and approving use of church resources (rooms, vehicles, nursery, food service, custodial service, etc.) for events; recommends policies that will effectively support ministry while protecting the church. • Approves all requests for new equipment.

Contact: Terry Tippens

Address: 3208 Duluth Hwy 120 Duluth 30096

Phone: 7704763776