Worship Leader


East Cobb UMC is currently in a large growth cycle, with worship attendance increasing 14% over the past year. We are excited to be reaching folks in our community that have struggled to find a church home where they felt welcomed and included. We carry with us a 180 year history here in East Cobb, beginning with the first worship experiences in a local campground and transforming into the worshiping community of faith we are today. This desire to be a part of the community and provide an environment for people of all walks of life continues today. Our focus for 2020 is on the community and how we can make the greatest impact for the Kingdom of God in our own backyards. This includes partnering with local schools, focusing on mental health, increasing awareness around human trafficking, and providing basic needs to those without access to food and clothing. We regularly integrate these missions in our worship experiences, giving people an opportunity to not only worship God on Sunday morning but have hands-on experiences in serving our community. We have two worship services on Sunday mornings, 9:30 a.m. modern and 11 a.m. traditional. We have seen growth in both of our services over this past year, but we are putting a focus on growing our modern service and the leadership within that service. We currently have a band of church members who volunteer their time and talents to lead us in worship. We are grateful for what they provide and the heart they have for worship. We recognize, however, that we have hit a threshold with our current band and would like to raise the bar for what we provide on Sunday mornings. We believe hiring a worship leader for this service would re-energize our current band members as well as help them to see leading worship through a new lens, one in which they aren’t just playing the songs but truly leading the people in lifting their hearts to God. In five years, we will continue with our growth both in attendance and in community participation. We will have a church that sees worship as the centering point for what we do, as the experience that both reminds us of who we are as God’s children as well as points us out into the world to spread God’s love and grace. In five years, our worship leaders at both services will be leaders not just on Sunday mornings but throughout the life of the church. The worship leaders will have the skills to both lead us in praise and be a creative influence in how we structure the worshipping life of the congregation. The worship leader at East Cobb UMC will work with the Director of Worship Arts to craft and curate the 9:30 a.m. modern worship service each Sunday morning. The worship leader will be responsible for leading the congregation each week in worship that points to the truths of God and God’s people, that recognizes the power and presence of the Holy Spirit among us, and that inspires and challenges God’s people to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God. The worship leader is expected to model and lead heartfelt worship in an invitational style – that draws people in, encourages participation, and supports the overall mission of the church. This individual is expected to be gifted in leading congregational worship, including singing and prayer, possess leadership and organizational skills, and be a team player. He or she is not expected to be Methodist but should be a follower of Christ continually seeking after growth in his or her faith life. We recognize the uncertainty that is within the United Methodist Church currently but hope that will not be a deterrent to any candidates for this position. Our church will continue to be who we are called to be no matter the decisions of the denominational body. We are a church called to Gather to embrace God and all people, Grow in faith, love, and joy, and Go into the world to serve and share Jesus.

Contact: Rob Frank

Address: 2325 Roswell Rd. NE Marietta GA 30062

Phone: 770-971-3643


Website: eastcobbumc.org