Audio Engineer and Videographer


Audio Engineer and Videographer ** - Part Time* We are looking for a part-time audio engineer & videographer who can produce a recording or a live performance, balance and adjust sound sources using equalization and audio effects, mixing & reproduction of music. And be technical expert capable of creating video productions. We want to use the latest technology, resources and music in a creative way to be relevant in reaching our world. Must have some working knowledge of video editing tools and capable of working with multiple content sources including video, music, graphics, transition resources etc. Videographer should havr a working knowledge of streaming live services and worship sessions. Must have a heart for God. We are looking for someone with some previous experience and who can show work that they have completed in the past (ex. music videos or recordings where sound has been adjusted and recorded.) This is a start-up position so we need entrepreneurial type to join our team. Salary $150 a week approximately 10 hours per week.

Contact: Paige Rogers

Address: 2533 Stanton Road Conyers 30094

Phone: 7708423025