Financial Auditor


The North Georgia United Methodist Women are looking for a certified public accountant or a person who has a minimum of a four-year accounting degree. This person will perform certain procedures (outlined here) on the accounting records of the conference and districts and completes a statement indicating that the procedures were satisfactorily performed. The person who has agreed to perform the procedures on the conference and district accounting records is to: 1. Trace selected district and local unit remittances into receipts and deposits recorded in checkbook or recorded into a cash receipt record. 2. Obtain confirmations from selected districts or units to confirm remittances 3. Ascertain that vouchers are made for all expenditures, that these expenses are properly signed by authorized persons, and that the expenditures are provided for in the budget or have been authorized by the executive committee as recorded in the minutes. Interested candidates should contact L. Susan Stroup, North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women Treasurer,, 770-546-0799 (leave a message) 4. Determine that checks written agree with the vouchers and are properly recorded in some form of cash disbursement record. 5. Make sure that bank statements are reconciled monthly to agree with the checkbook balance and the balance as reflected in the cash receipt and disbursement record. 6. Check the year-end balance, as shown on the year-end statements, to determine that it agrees with that shown in the checkbook and the reconciled year end bank statements. The year-end balance should reflect any difference between cash received and cash disbursed as recorded in the cash records.

Contact: L. Susan Stroup, North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women's Treasurer

Address: 743 E Point Road Cedartown GA 30125-6135

Phone: 770-546-0799