Worship Arts Director


WORSHIP ARTS DIRECTOR Anna Kresge UMC As of 9.23.20 Kresge UMC in Cedartown, GA, is seeking a [part-time 15-20 hours a week] Worship Arts Director (WAD) to be a part of its team that plans and leads worship. The WAD will recruit, train, and lead vocal and instrumental worship participants using a variety of musical genres. In addition, the WAD will train laypersons to implement innovative audio-visual means to enhance both in-person worship (when permitted by COVID guidelines) and offerings on social media. We are looking for someone who has a great desire to learn and develop his or her skills as a Worship Arts Director while simultaneously helping us to improve our use of audio visual and social media to share and spread the Word of God. We are genuinely offering an opportunity for someone to hone his or her skills while helping us to improve ours. Currently we offer one worship service on Facebook Live on Sunday morning and daily devotionals on our Facebook page. When permitted by COVID guidelines in person worship on Sunday mornings starts at 10:55 am. Compensation for this position is $10,000 per year, commensurate with qualifications, with potential for periodic increases depending on congregational growth in attendance and giving. The WAD is expected to be a full participant in all aspects of worship planning, as well as a coach, teacher and encourager of all laypersons involved in worship planning and presentation. The WAD is formally hired by the SPRC but is supervised by the Pastor and takes direction from the Worship Team Coordinator (WTC). The pastor and WTC work together as a clergy/laity team, they will provide performance reviews to the SPRC at least once a year. Musical training and experience: Bachelor’s degree with a major or minor in music education or worship, or experience in planning and leading all facets of worship. Experience and familiarity with a variety of music genres. Experience with a variety of audio-visual systems and video recording for social media platforms is required. Desired Qualities: -Has an eye and heart for worship over performance. -Desires and is able to lead, prepare, teach, coach and develop the talents of persons of all levels of -ability to enable them to achieve their best. -Has knowledge of and is willing to continue to learn and share knowledge of technologies that support recording services for online worship, and conform to copyright laws. -Able to incorporate a variety of musical genres into worship services. -Willing and able to enter, sustain and learn from an internship with Chuck Bell (or other Subject Matter Expert) at the church’s expense. -Be sensitive to other’s needs as part of the Worship Coordination Team. Tasks we anticipate this person to perform/accomplish/supervise/direct: (I =Immediate, M = Mid-range next two years, L = Long Range 3+ years) -Assists with preparing and publishing video recordings of worship services, for online presentation (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc) (I) -Assists the Worship Team Coordinator and Pastor in Charge to plan, prepare for, resource and help lead during worship services, music and liturgy by continually enhancing the quality of our community’s worship life (in person and online) (I) -Translates our intentional focus on discipleship (disciples making disciples) and the need for everyone to Encounter Christ within liturgical and worship offerings that boast well-planned and celebrated sacraments and lively, inspiring music. (I) -Regularly evaluates the quality of worship celebrations and liturgical ministries through discussion with Worship Team. Demonstrates a personal desire to improve all aspects of Kresge worship by offering constructive criticism and suggestion. (I) -Supports directives from Pastor and Worship Team Coordinator. (I) -Develops and manages expenditures of the music budget in consultation with Pastor, WTC and Finance Committee. (I) -Provides support for weddings by being available to meet with couples or families to plan liturgy and music and give guidance to outside musicians or clergy. A stipend over and above regular salary is offered for weddings paid for out of fees charged for the wedding. (I) -Provides support for funerals, making certain that the family's needs have been met in the planning of the liturgy and music. As Kresge UMC does not charge a fee for funerals a stipend is not offered for funerals. (I) -Assists with preparing and publishing video recordings of bible studies, devotions etc for online presentation (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc) (M) -Helps identify software and hardware needed to improve worship services in person and online. Develops budget requests based on needs list. (M) -Recruits assembles and leads singers for choirs, musicians for bands and ensembles. (M) as allowed by COVID rules) -Lead weekly rehearsals of choir/musical ensembles/contemporary band) to ensure quality yet is Spirit filled not performance based. (M) -Assists WTC in building, training, and equipping a team of worship leaders to provide Praise and Worship/Contemporary-style music for Online and in person Contemporary services. (M) -Helps develop Kresge Kids relationships into opportunities to invite and welcome families of Kresge Kids to worship with and eventually join Kresge UMC. (L) Please send your resume and contact information to Kresge UMC at kresgeumc30125@att.net or mail to: Kresge UMC 15 Booger Hollow Rd., Cedartown, GA 30125. Or call 770.748.4308 to speak to Rev Ed Dickens.

Contact: Rev Ed Dickens

Address: 15 Booger Hollow Rd Cedartown GA 30125

Phone: 7707484308