Director of Music Ministries


Conyers First United Methodist Church Job Description Director of Music Ministries Primary Function: To serve God and the church by developing, coordinating and administering an effective and well-rounded music ministry and by providing leadership to and supervision of staff members and volunteers involved in this ministry. Qualifications: A committed and dedicated follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, who possesses a deep desire to serve Him through the church and its music, the Director of Music Ministries (Director) shall coordinate the music and arts ministries for Conyers First United Methodist Church (CFUMC) with the realization that music and arts are a form of ministry, praise, teaching, inspiration, involvement, enjoyment, and outreach. The Director shall possess a workable knowledge of music, be able to read and understand music, and be able to interpret and adapt to available abilities within CFUMC’s music ministry. The Director must be flexible in his/her job routine and must relate well with other people (staff, volunteers, guests, others) and those who may have business with CFUMC. This person must maintain complete and full confidentiality among himself/herself and the pastoral staff and abide by stated Staff Norms. This person should be neat in appearance and manners, punctual, efficient, and trustworthy. Primary Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Program Administration Reports directly to the Senior Minister and the Staff Parish Relations Committee. Consults with the Senior Minister regarding sermon topic for worship services, special programs, selection of hymns and choral music. Leads and coordinates a multifaceted program for adults, youth and children which may include vocal groups, bell choirs and special programs while utilizing a variety of musical styles, expressions and groups. Establishes music ministry goals and objectives by prioritizing related programs, managing the use of facilities, planning an appropriate budget, delegating tasks and evaluating progress regularly. Instructs choirs in choral techniques and appreciation of sacred music. Selects and purchases music, worship and music resources, musical instruments and equipment. Develops and supervises maintenance of music library and inventory. Supervises maintenance of musical instruments. Arranges for the services of outside instrumentalists. Plans and organizes concerts and musical programs. Consults with organist and pianist on appropriate music for worship services, weddings and special services. Endeavors to keep himself/herself knowledgeable of current music techniques and changes through self-education and attendance of workshops as available. Is familiar with, abides by and diligently enforces CFUMC Safe Sanctuary Policy and other policies established by the Church to ensure safety for our staff, congregation members, children, visitors and guests. Works collaboratively with the entire church staff. 2. Personnel Administration Supervises organist and pianist. Supervises and coordinates volunteer assistants for the music ministry. Administers the work of the Music Ministry by encouraging teamwork and mutual support and by providing leadership and nurture to staff members and volunteers who serve in the ministry. Supervises and coordinates with the contemporary worship leader/volunteer (if a separate position) 3. Financial Administration Prepares and submits annual budget for Music Ministry. Tracks expenditures from budget and music. 4. General Administration: Works with appropriate church committees, officers and leaders to carry out the music ministry of the church. Attends regular staff meetings. Attends leadership board meetings as needed for informational purposes. Performs all other needed duties, including pastoral care, as needed. 5. Benefits Annual Vacation - Insurance - Retirement Benefit - Salary - Will be established by the Staff Parish Relations Committee and evaluated on anannual basis. 6. Probationary Period The probationary period will be 90 days from the date of hire. This period is used by the CFUMC and the employee to evaluate the relationship and to determine whether the employment relationship should continue or cease. 7. Evaluations There will be an annual Evaluation by the Staff Parish Relations Committee with input from the Senior Minister, and interim evaluations as determined by the SPR Committee. Send resume to Ora Bailey at Ora Bailey

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