Finance Manager


Dallas First UMC is looking for a part-time, 20 hours per week, Church Treasurer. The ideal candidate will work to maintain the business integrity of the church body and work alongside Staff and Finance Committee of the church in stewardship and reports directly to the lead pastor and SPRC. The position requires the person to have knowledge in bookkeeping and accounting. It would be helpful that the candidate is familiar with accounting/church database software similar to (ACS) Automated Church System. Candidates must also be able to understand, develop and control an operating budget. This position can be performed remotely at the Lead Pastor and Staff Parrish Relations Committee's discretion.

Staff Expectations:
• All staff members should have and maintain a vital and growing personal walk with Christ through committed Bible study, prayer, regular worship, and other spiritual disciplines.
• Cooperate with the Lead Pastor, other staff members, and church laity in supporting the mission of Dallas First UMC.
• Communicate clearly with the staff and congregation through email and other formats
• Adhere to church-approved guidelines such as Safe Sanctuary, calendaring guidelines, transportation policies, etc. as necessary.
• Perform other duties as assigned by Lead Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee.
• All staff members should attend staff meetings as they are able with the approval of the Lead Pastor.
• All staff members should be team players, with good communication, and organization skills that allow them to partner with our staff, church leadership, and laity.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Pays all church and CLC's accounts payable.
• Disburses special and designated funds, including apportionments.
• Prepares payroll for church staff and CLC employees.
• Pays payroll taxes withheld from payroll and prepares tax forms including quarterly Form 941 preparation and quarterly Form G-7.
• Prepares W-2 and W-3 forms for both employees and government agencies.
• Prepares 1099 and 1096 forms for both independent contractors and government agencies.
• Balances all bank account statements.
• Prepares monthly financial statements to be presented to the Committee on Finance and the Council of Steward's meetings. (Balance Sheet, Revenue & Expense Report, Designated Funds Reports, and Transaction Listing).
• Reports finance totals and budget totals to the secretary for newsletters.
• Assists in preparing the annual budget and entering into ACS or a similar system.
• Assist pastor finance reports for charge conferences and with annual conference reports.
• Provides information to Worker's Compensation Auditors.
• Provide current General Ledger account information to Committee Chairs as needed
• Attend monthly Finance Committee meetings and quarterly Counsel of Stewards meetings.

Other Information:
• Salary range is between $17,000 and $20,000. The salary is set annually by Staff/Parish Relations Committee and approved by the Council of Stewards are payable bi-monthly and subject to appropriate withholdings.
• Entitled to two weeks of vacation per year (based on a five-day workweek) after one year of employment increasing to three weeks per year after five years of employment.
• Entitled to two weeks sick leave per year (based on a five-day workweek) after one year of employment.
• Responsible for arranging for a substitute in absence. Any payment necessary will be the responsibility of the Church if on approved absence. 
• Additional Tasks/Support may be needed upon request.

Contact: Mr. David Holt

Address: 141 E. Memorial Drive Dallas 30132

Phone: 7062659422

Email: Click to email