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Outreach Coordinator


Overview: The Outreach Coordinator serves in a key role in support of Madras Church as a servant organization in the City of Newnan and Coweta County. The Outreach Coordinator is passionate about matters of Social Justice and helps the Madras Church community of faith implement its vision and purpose outside the building with the people who live and work nearby. In this part-time position (10-15 hours per week), the Outreach Coordinator will demonstrate organizational skills and the ability to create networks in the areas that Madras Church serves. The Outreach Coordinator’s mission is not to bring people to the church building, but rather to provide pathways for people out of the church as they adopt the practices and teachings of Jesus as their way of living. Responsibilities: Community Networking: The Outreach Coordinator builds effective relationships with organizations in the City of Newnan, in Coweta County, and throughout the state of Georgia that seek to work for inclusion and parity for all people regardless of their ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical and mental abilities. These organizational networks will provide pathways for people included in the Madras Church community of faith to increase their awareness of the needs of the communities that they serve and to receive training and experiences that enable them to be active supporters and caregivers. Facilities Partnerships: The Outreach Coordinator builds and reinforces partnerships with organizations that utilize the Madras Church facilities, ensuring that those organizations complement the church’s mission and vision and providing those organizations with enhanced opportunities to serve the surrounding communities. Mission Saturday: The Outreach Coordinator organizes a monthly partial-day (2-4 hours) service activity for the Madras Church faith community to perform in the City of Newnan and nearby communities. It is imperative that this act of service supports other organizations in the Newnan area that share Madras Church’s focus on inclusion and compassion. Other: With the support and cooperation of the Madras Church leadership group, the Outreach Coordinator may implement additional opportunities for the Madras Church community of faith to fulfill its vision and purpose. To know more about Madras Church visit: https://www.madraschurch.org/ Please send your resume and cover letter to: Federico.apecena@ngumc.net

Contact: Rev. Federico Apecena

Address: 2331 N Hwy, Newnan, GA 30263 Newnan GA 30265

Phone: (307) 699-5034

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Website: madraschurch.org